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Z-RO: Ghetto Crisis

Brass knuckle knife, Mafia me and my family
Jail, hell or paradise, am I my brother's keeper
Forever twice, what's none of the dark will
Come to the street life, zero tolerance
Taking no shorts, it's a ghetto crisis out here

Who's that peeking in my window, who's that peeking in my window
Me drop a miss crop, and vome-vomer, they better recognize
Me just uh sit back rolling up me indo
I'ma not the guillotine warrior and the ghetto must survive

Stop playa hating, I am the murder you don't know me
Another life I'm taking, evil boy when me ra-ta-ta-ta
Stop playa hating, I am the murder you don't know me
Another life I'm taking, me give em a left, me give em a right
Me start to boxing up their ass

Serve in me cut, me straight balling, me balling me balling now
Me run up they cut with me gun and drugs, nigga come to test me now
Me pull the trigger back, look at the boy that's falling him
Another day another death, I'll have to murder one, one more grave I am done

Stop playa hating, I am the murder you don't know me
Another life I'm taking, evil boy when me ra-ta-ta-ta
I am the son of satan, the easy lies are non killing a man slowly
Cruising man I'm Jamaican, or American contest and gonna feel my wrath

[Verse 3]
Is this the way it's suppose to be
the lord to hear my prayers are you listening
Forgive me for saying I'm trapped in a world
that's got a grudge against me living
What happened to the good old days when unity was a must, when you
Could put trust in your own people, without our own people trying to get us
And I could see the rules of the game
are still the same, cause days are shorter
And times are harder, I'm fighting to keep my head above water
Cause I got to protect myself from the evil of my own people
The only personI fear is God
and through his eyes we're all created equal
And I can't understand how black on black crime hitting as hard as it did
Cause the half the niggas that you did you use to roll with as kids
Father forgive me for being favorless and hopeless
But in this cruel world, it's hard to stay focused if you haven't noticed
No one seems to want to follow the rules
If we can't live as brothers and sisters than we'll parish as fools
And to the youngsters coming up never sell your soul, cause
Life is priceless, stay strong and try to make it through this ghetto crisis

Don't violate me stressed don't cross the knife
Now I promote no argument me conversate when I won't come nice
Paranoid, paranoid, when I be coming on down fawn
Ever ball, approach me swinging make a man fall
Me serious with the fists one touch could make a fool die
Them turned heads and one could see the devil in me eye
But I'm off and, and rub the coffin, that's one interrogation
Scream heartless when I violate me rule and regulation
Me get the sawed off buckshot from the killing
Who plex me or plex cause me ready and me willing
Me ready for the battle, drink a gallon wanting the sexual healing
Ghetto life is nothing nice we have the cap peeling
We are the true jumping and you moving over
The ghettos I live cross the line, far from moving over
And eye of light, when me get the pistol and me brighter
Tell me this, who shall save the white man's idol

Who shall save the white man's idol (president)
Who shall save the white man's idol (national guard)
Who shall save the white man's idol (police)
Who shall save the white man's idol (priest)
Who shall save the white man's idol (dope)
Who shall save the white man's idol (tank dogs)
Who shall save the white man's idol (your soul)
Who shall save the white man's idol (God)

Who gone save your ass when we blast
Who gone get the last laugh, coming up out of this ghetto crisis
Coming up out of this ghetto gas, uh ha, yeah
It's wicked in the mushroom cloud, nuclear niggas
It's a ghetto crisis
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Z-RO: Ghetto Crisis

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Z-RO: Ghetto Crisis
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Z-RO: Ghetto Crisis

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