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Gorilla Zoe: Operation Blockdown

[Verse 1: Zoe:]
You Might Catch Me Speedin Down 285 On My Kawasaki
With A Bitch On The Back Callin Me Papi
I'll Try Some Asian Shit But I Ain't Drankin No Saki
If I'mma Do It I'mma Do It Right You Niggas Is Sloppy
Man I'm Really Who I Say I Am You Niggas Be Poppin.
I Garuntee I'mma Make It (Why) Cause I Ain't Stoppin
Nigga And I Ain't Floppin Mothafucka Work A Deal
We Got Our Own Stores Where My Folks Can Come Cop It.

Say It I Got The Whole Damn Block Screamin
All My Bitches Gettin Money Holla
My Real Niggas Stackin Dollas Holla
Yeah Zoe

Zone 1 To Zone 4 Say It
Atlanta's Hottest Djs Play It
That's The Reason That I'm Gonna Make It
Yeah Zoe

[Verse 2: Zoe]
Dick Riders Is Suckin On Cock Not Knowin That I'm From The Park
Prayin And Wishin I'll Stop Shawty Make The Beat Drop
Yeah Yeah You Needa Take It Outta Here Pull Your Panties Up And Skate You Can Rap That's Great
But See Your Swaggers All Wrong And Your Image Is Fake
The Whole Game Went Wrong I'm About To Fix It With Tape.
Duct Tape And Say That Niggas Mouths Shut Quickly (Stop Snitchin)
I Wanna Drive Through Your Heart With A Stake
Like Vampires They Suckin Blood Slitherin Snakes
I Told You I Cook Beef And You Niggaz Are Steaks


You Need Connections To The Streets We The Concrete
Block Boys Look Who Got It We Can Get It All From The Weed


Hold Up Z.O.E. Yeah
Ayy Check It Out Man Look, It's More Than Just Me My Nigga You Know What I Mean? Nigas Be Puttin On Shit Like They Be Doin Everything By Theyself Man. I Got Some Real Niggas With Me Man Block Boys Whats Happenin. It's My Boy (*) Man. You Know I Think He Really Made Shawty Realize The Truth With That Shit Man. So I'mma Let Him Do His Thang Man. Let (*) Let Ya'll Know How He Feel About Shit. You Feel Me?

[Verse 3: Unknown]
Yeah, Everybody Wanna Rock These Days
Got Niggas Fiendin For These Tracks Like These Crack Dj's
We Done Flip The Game 14 Ways
Would A Nigga Like That Rip Behind Shit Somebody Gon Get Paid
Might As Well Stop Holdin Your Nuts
Cause There's Gorillas With Bananas In The City Tryna Catch Yo Cliqe
You Don't Wanna Have To See Lil China You Dont Wanna See Niggas Like (*) (*) And Wiley
You Don't Wanna See Lo He A Monster
Got Niggas With Barettas In Their Sweaters Jumpin Up Out The Dumpster
We Can Tell When There's A Hater Among Us
Cause Shit Independent So Why This Niga Lookin For Karma
If We Pull Up In That All Black Hummer
You Gon' Know Is Fend To Rain Cause It's Gon Rain And It Gon Show Me Some Thunder
It's My Nigga Zoe Time To Eat
And Shit Ain't Never Been Gravy There Ain't No Mashed Potatoes Even This Week


Hold Up Z.O.E. Yeah.
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Gorilla Zoe: Operation Blockdown

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Gorilla Zoe: Operation Blockdown
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Gorilla Zoe: Operation Blockdown

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