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Graham Parker: BEAN COUNTER - Graham Parker

Pre>in answer to the question about the groove this song is based on here

Is a rough version. Im not sure if its right nor not. its possibly Ive made

It (the chorus especially) needlessly over-complicated. its probably quite simple

For someone who can actually play a bit.


Am / am / am / am / dus2 / dus2 / dus2 / a9

Am 577555

Dsus2 557755

A9 557555

Am / am / am / am / dus2 / dus2 / dus2 / a9

Ci vil is ation

Am / am / am / am / dus2 / dus2 / dus2 / a9

Has come a long way


Out of the mud where chitinous bugs

Am / am / am / am /dus2 / dus2 / dus2 / a9

Eat each other all day

Am / am / am / am / dus2 / dus2 / dus2 / a9

Am / am / am / am / dus2 / dus2 / dus2 / a9

[and so on for all the verses]

Now were in the clouds working overtime for our pay

Countin the numbers and being the bugs that eat each other today

Sitting in an office in a publishing house

Or in a big company working a computer clicking a mouse

Pulling up your file checking your sales

Meeting those quotas and accommodating voters thats the holy grail


Am c d d7 dsus2a9

Cos its a bean counter and if that dont fill you with terror

Amc d d7 dsus2 a9

Bean counter. takin the human out of the human err or

In a glass tower uptown or downtown

Shes workin every hour runnin through your contract writing your deficit down

Shes downsizing everything including her brain

Snackin on potato chips smackin her lips lickin her pencil again

Chorus repeat

From wall street to hong kong. chinee to chancery lane

Youre being rubber stamped your style is being cramped. it all comes out the same

Theyre not being paid to think. thats not the idea

And they never run out of red ink, get that particularly clear

Chorus repeat

Snackin on potato chips givin you a scan

Deleting your account phasing you out in the trash can

Now if you dont meet projections. if there aint enough zeroes involved

Youll get stamped rejections and then that problem is solved /pre>
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Graham Parker: BEAN COUNTER - Graham Parker

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Graham Parker: BEAN COUNTER - Graham Parker
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Graham Parker: BEAN COUNTER - Graham Parker

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