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Half-A-Mill: World Famous

(Intro: Half-A-Mill)
Yea, uh huh, Half-A-Mill, Mill Gates
Uh huh, ya know, word
we gon' bring it back on this son
back to the hood dunn, back to the streets on 'em son
to the ghetto son, take 'em back son

(Verse 1)
Milliato use to cop blow from Willy Blanco
Lil willy dro's choco and Philly's and pop mo
Willy's 650 wit my eyes closed, designer clothes
Whine and dine wit finer hoes
The kind that rock diamond shines on they toes
Sign throwers, 9 totters, high rollers, I noticed
Rhyme dopers, niggaz can't believe my mind wrote this
I was raised in a family of lye smokers
850-i's wide Rovers, fuck a shover
We drive high, neva sober
Drive-by wit the scopa, black Scarface coke up
Rather scarf in my face when I do a hold up
Money green Gucci sneakers wit the chuck to roll up
Platinum thou dunn we chopped the goal up
Rock the roll up, catch me at a show I got spots to blow up
You know what?

Worlds, world, world famous, (still bangin)
Worlds, world, world famous, (sittin in Ranges)
Worlds, world, world famous, (platinum chains shit)
Worlds, world, world famous, (Ice to Ranges)

(Verse 2)
I'm from the P's Albany miles dungarees
Use to run from D's now I'm runnin wit G's
Pushin 2000 V's all style crew G's
Gator hats, floor wallaby distribute
Every mouth wanna eat
Soon as I see you teeth I'm cockin my heat
Five blind your believe
I use to break dance and rhyme in the street
Spin on cars bought boxes, now I'm spin for dot shit
Move as violent sharp as swords of Shaolin
Rough enough to break New York from Long Island
My wisdom is swift no matter if, mc's wanna rift
they still all stand stiff
ain't nuttin though ya'll know Mill puffin the dro
In the four wheel totin still fuckin your hoe
Got a new model this year nigga nuttin but doe
Pop a new bottle this year nigga fuck 'em more


(Verse 3)
Niggaz blast the beat, summertime at the beach
Water guns super soakin bitches at asses
Exclusive poems follow me I'll lose your emotions
How I be is like how Shark move through the ocean
You got a cowards heart? I watch you die in the dark
You kind of smart? I'mma rip your mind apart
I rock a flag wit diamond stars, new Jag shinin cars
Guess I'm a shinin star, smoke sets after the chronic bar
Tryin to push a diamond car, platinum rows smashin the glow
match the coat, for real I had the Avenue sold
Now I'm passin through your like is that a new Rove
Hood Maryland Monroe, attack me at my show
Desperado cases of them yellow bottles
Look for today what the hell is tomorrow
Me and my dunn is like Monroe rollow 9 full of hollow
Ya'll know how the squads glow mob though problem know
Communist flow shittin on Metropolis yo
Caleteral dough, thats the only option to blow
Sittin on top watchin niggaz rottin below

(Chorus:) **repeat 2X**

(Outro: Half-A-Mill) **through the chorus**
Yea, Half-A-Mill, through bred
Yea, ya'll know, Brooklyn, New York City
Crown Heights, yea, Queens, Uptown Harlem
Yea, the Bronx, Colorado, New Jersey, Over in Philly
Word!, uh all in Cali, yea Louisiana, Detroit
Yea, word!, upstate even in Canada, all around the globe
Knawmean? yea, its the official Firm Soprano, yea, Milliato
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Half-A-Mill: World Famous

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Half-A-Mill: World Famous
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Half-A-Mill: World Famous

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