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Sean Paul: It's All Right

All you need to know is the vibe round' here we built and instill it
Sean Paul alongside
Fabolous...You done know we buss'...
Telling them again, ay!...
Girl run away tha guy that wants to "vibe kill" it...
She say a only tha "topper" youth and "dapper" youth she want (to) win it...

Lets get it ta' poppin ma, its a little before 1
And I'm yellin' out aye aye aye aye aye yoooo
I can tell by tha ring in tha middle of ya tongue
You're tha kinda girl that has a little bit more fun
I'm literally yours hun
Cuz' I never seen a ass so big with a waist as little as yours hun
And by tha expressions on them hotties grills
I know they wanna holla at somebody real
And I'm usually lookin' for somebody skilled
Enough to make a nigga say aye aye aye yo niggas get mad cuz I may slay they
hoe But I don't wanna let the a.k. spray so
Stop face fightin' me, like ya face frighten' me
I do this every year so I ain't never scared
I do this everywhere and you ain't never there
They sayin' this everywhere, how could you never hear

If you wanna roll with tha thugs tonight Lights, camera, action can you feel
tha hype Hit cruise control blazed Kryptonite Well its alright, baby its
alright If you wanna live up and free your life Come through let we kick it 'til
a morning light
If you wanna roll with tha thugs tonight Well its alright, baby its alright

So get with it, we want (to) hit it, we nah quit it..
And I like tha way you body set and how your clothes fit it
I want you give me some of it because minute by minute
Temperature it all a rise because you thighs and all you
You shockin' a rock a kill it
And a one thing the Dutty Paul want to predict
Say by tha end of tha night you will be chillen' with tha click
Flossin' it...Money we tossin' it...
'Cause we a tha Boss in it
We naw ease up...We aint stallin'...Grab tha girls all in...
Thats my true callin'
Ya'll freeze up.. We be flowin' it...
Your girl knowin' it And thats why she's showin' it.


Over here tha liquor is light blue, the chronic is light green
They wearin' tha right shoe, they put on tha tight jeans
They bringin' me right thru', I walk with a slight lean
My style excites you, I know what that might mean
Aye, Im'ma freaky scorpio
Yo, tryna' leave with your skio
Aye, but its mandatory tho'
Yo' after me let shorey go

But thats another story tho'
But please dont try to bring us to tha Maury show
How cool is he?
You dont know a fool who be crazy enough to fool with me
You'd rather swim in a pool of pee
Then see tha one you luv in tha vehicle with me
But tha vibe is right, tha girls is up to par
We gon', drink it tonight and earl it up tomorr'
It goes

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Sean Paul: It's All Right

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Sean Paul: It's All Right
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Sean Paul: It's All Right

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