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Ja Rule: Tales from the darkside

feat. DMXAnd now, the tale from the darkside... [DMX] Uh, I got to remind y'all niggas What the flow is all about Huh, its about this Anywhere from forty-eight and up Straight, you feel me? Fifty fifty Aiyyo, I gots to hear the beat so I can eat, ahight? If I can't live, you can't live, ain't nothin sweet Bitch ass niggas think its all about Versace A week later them niggas talkin about (Yo, X got me) I thought he was my man, but he act like he ain't know me I knew he had the joint, but I didn't wanna make him show me That nigga be buggin, stickin cats up and random Doing his dirt and disappearin like the phantom Niggas can't stand him, but ask me if I care 'Cuz what I used to give a fuck about, just ain't there And ain't nothing fair, I knew this for a long time Thats why with ever wrong crime comes anotha strong rhyme And thats mo' time under the belt, you felt what I had And I shouldn't have even done it, thats what made this shit sad I'm doin' bad, but if I gots to feel it, you gots to feel it And if a nigga can't afford it, I gots to steal it And that's how real it, GETS, when this shit [hits the fan] You still tryin to get the man, first catch up with the man Then we gon' see what'choo made of If your shit ain't pumpin Kool-Aid, what you afraid of? The monster under the bed, fill ya with four slugs to the head Or ya babies mother missin for a month, found dead Worms comin' from places you stuck ya dick in Maggots got the bitch coverered and the smells sick'nen Plastic don't hide the smell for too long, I do wrong And so I don't have nightmares I forget about it, move on Keep gettin my groove on, 'cuz that shit could fuck with'choo Keep dwellin on it, and its gonna get stuck with you Niggas try their luck with you, 'cuz they smell ass And money if you pussy, I'm gonna be able to tell fast Some cop I'm about to smack across the face in this robbery I'm on a robbin spree, and ain't no STOPPIN ME On this real, thats why a nigga stay writin 'Cuz kid this shit is real, what you think we play fightin You must of saw som'thin funny, or never saw som'thin bloody Or you don't know I'll bring it to your door 'cuz I'm cruddy Like puddy, when I hold you niggas, I mold you niggas I done told you niggas, that I been owed you niggas For that shit you did that you wasnt built for Shit I guess you didnt know you do get killed for I done filled niggas up with the extended clip Its like I blew this joint down with the extended rip Or that non-stop, when the bomb drops I'ma take it from where you at and then end up on ya moms block >From here to Comstock, niggas gettin bust wild ?Cell cagers last night from lock out just died? Ain't no where to hide, ain't no wear to run What more can they do to a man that ain't been done A mind is a terrible thing to waste Especially if its all over the place, your mind all over his face How do brains taste, when they mixed with gun powder Semi to fully automatic makes the gun louder I got som'thin to fix pain when I kicks game 'Cuz I'ma float off more tracks than they sixth train You 'bout to get flamed, from ash to ashes to DIRT You gon' go with the dough that your life was worth MOTHERFUCKER...
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Ja Rule: Tales from the darkside

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Ja Rule: Tales from the darkside
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Ja Rule: Tales from the darkside

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