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Jennifer Lopez: I'm Real (Murder Remix)

[Ja Rule & JLO one line each]
Whisper:Murder inc
Whats my mother fucking name?
Blowin back on this Mary Jane I'm analyzing the game.
(And the game done unchose me.)
Bring pain to pussy niggas and pussy. Holes they one in the same
(Ever since you told me)
Theres only room for 2, I been making less room for you.
(Now only GOD can hold me)
Hug me, love me, judge me, the only man that hoves above me.....
I met so many men,
Its like they're all the same.
My appetite for lovin'
Is now my hunger pain!
And when I'm feeling sexy
Who's gonna come for me?
My only problem is,
Their insecurity.
Are you tired of bein' alone? (Yeah yeah)
Sick of arguin' on the phone. (Yeah yeah)
Why you telling all ya friends. (Yeah yeah)
But your nigga don't undastand love.
Cuz I'm real.
The way you walk
The way you move
The way you talk.
Cuz I'm real.
The way you stare
The way you look
Your style your hair.
Cuz I'm real.
The way you smile
The way you smell
It drives me wild.
cuz I'm real.
And I can't go on without you.
[Ja Rule]
I've been thinking 'bout the re-lation-ship
And I wanna know is this as good as it gets?
Cuz we been through the worst times and the best times
But it was our time even if it was part-time.
Now they been looking at me smiling at me
Laughing like we wasnt happy
But not knowing that we growin' and we gettin' married
Hard lovin' straight thuggin'
Bitch I ain't doing this shit for nothin'.
Im here to get it poppin' and hoppin'
Lets ride out in the benz, hair blowing in the wind,
sun glistening off my skin.
HEY! I'm nasty, you know me, but your still gonna fuck witcha baby...
Now people lovin' me and hatin' me, treatin me ungreatfully,
But not knowin' that they aint makin' or breakin' me
My life, I live it to the to the limit and I love it
Now I can breathe again baby now I can breathe again
Now people screaming "what the deal with you and so-and-so?"
I tell 'em niggas mind their biz but they dont hear me though
Cuz I live life to the limit and I love it
Now I can breathe again, baby now I can breathe again
[Ja Rule]
Are you tired of being alone? (Yeah yeah)
Sick of arguin' on the phone? (Yeah yeah)
Why you telling all ya friends? (Yeah yeah)
But your nigga don't understand...... my love.
[Chorus 2x]
[Instrumental Fade]
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Jennifer Lopez: I'm Real (Murder Remix)

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Jennifer Lopez: I'm Real (Murder Remix)
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Jennifer Lopez: I'm Real (Murder Remix)

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