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John Fogerty: Violence Is Golden

Violence, (oh no!) is golden. Aa-aa-aa-aa-ah!
Violence, (oh no!) is golden. Aa-aa-aa-aa-ah!

Pass another plate of shrapnel, sprinkle it with TNT;
Gotta have another grenade salad, split it with your enemy.
Gotta sell another Uzi, maybe couple 44 Mags,
Got a wife and a kid to support, and a payment on the Jag.
Won't you try this personal bazooka, make you feel like a man,
Show the little girls what's what by the size of the thunder in your hands.
Take a pocketful of Teflon bullets, maybe 'nother Tommy gun,
Gotta keep stuff movin' out the door, got a business to run.
Take it from me, son - you can have a lot of fun!

[Chorus x2]

Pass another fleet of B-1 bombers, grab an M-16,
Buildin' Chevies was never the fun of buildin' up the war machine.
Got a rocket in my pocket and it's ready, do you think we can deal?
Got a year-end sale goin' on, you can see the appeal;
'Cause I'm sellin' both sides of the fence, that be the name of the game,
I don't care about your silly little struggle, money's colored all the same.
Take a handful of Star Wars missiles, maybe super laser gun,
Gotta keep stuff movin' out the door, got a business to run.
Take it from me, son - we can have a lot of fun!

[Chorus x3]
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John Fogerty: Violence Is Golden

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John Fogerty: Violence Is Golden
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John Fogerty: Violence Is Golden

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