Judd Cledus T: Shania, I'm Broke

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Judd Cledus T

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Judd Cledus T: Shania, I'm Broke

Lets get jiggy with it

My front won't crank, I owe the bank
I wanna pay'em back, right now I can't
My record went gold half a million sold
My wallet was fat, 'but I spent all that' (all that)

Just when I bought things I couldn't afford
Now Uncle Sam's knocking on my door
All this stress I'm so depressed
Do not mess with the IRS
Loan sharks say it's time to pay
Says I got to the end of the day
Nothing left to do but pray, PRAY
(He'll) give (me) one more day

Shania I'm broke I need help right away
I blew what little bit a money I made
You and me we're on CMT
So why can't I seem to make ends meet
Radio Shack keeps a billin me
They say they're gonna repo my color TV
So pick up the phone throw the man a loan
Say (You'll) Pay
Shania I'm broke

I'm poor as hell, can't you tell
That's why I got my house for sale
I try in vain but it's not the same
I just can't emulate Mutt Lang

Have you gotta place that I can stay
Maybe just for a couple a days
Check with Mutt see if it's OK

Say (the) word (I'm) on my way

Shania I'm broke and I need a payday
If you got an extra million send a little my way
If Shania was mine I wouldn't make me a dime
So I had to steal your song just one more time
Looky who's back it's Cledus T
I know you thought you heard the last of me
This ain't no joke you're my only hope

Hey (today) Shania I'm broke

Ohhh write a check will ya

Hey Shania I'll tell you what I'll do
If you'll let me borrow $135 to pay my stretch Yugo payment
I'll give you four free haircuts and a bang trim
and even sing background on your next record

Hey, Hey, Hey
Shania I'm broke I'm ashamed to say
That Super Bowl bet didn't go my way
Won't you please buy my new CD
Or I'll be filing bankruptcy
All my creditors are suing me
I owe back taxes from '93
I know your home so pick up the phone

Hey (Hey) Shania I'm Broke

I'm broke

Man I'm broke
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Judd Cledus T: Shania, I'm Broke

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Judd Cledus T: Shania, I'm Broke

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Judd Cledus T: Shania, I'm Broke

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