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Jude Cole: Joe

"Rain down mercy, for the lost and lonely child,
For the liars and the losers, reckless in the wild
There's no use in pretending, I know I never fooled you,
The deepest darkness I've ever known, it comes from living like I do.
But I swear I'm gonna knock on that gate,
Even if it's all in vain,
I'll stand outside with my mouth wide open,
and drink the pouring rain.
I know there's some good left in this world,
I've seen it shine in your eyes,
Rain down salvation,
And keep my faith alive.

The harder we fall,
the closer we come
To finding our hearts,
and the damage we've done
Darling, I've held the devil's dirty hand,
But holding you now, I know, is heaven's last attempt.

Won't you walk beside me,
You know I can't make it alone
The fields are dark, and the wind is hard
Hard as stone.
Roll out the sky
Oh, let me come home. (come home)
(I wanna come home)

The harder we fall,
the closer we come,
To finding the light, the warmth of the sun.
All that I've ever had,
I've let slip through my hands,
But holding you now,
I know.......is heaven."
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Jude Cole: Joe

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Jude Cole: Joe
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Jude Cole: Joe

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