Kardinal Offishall: Powerfulll

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Kardinal Offishall

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Kardinal Offishall: Powerfulll

(Kardinal Offishall)
Yo, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yo, yeoooow!
Yeah huh
Wake up!
Are we awake, are we wake, are we wake
Take it low, low low low low
Take it low take it low, take it low
I said yo, I said yo, I said yo

Kardinal is walkin' (yo) just how we be talking (Yo)
Fakes get they face palmed, and thrown to the floor
Shout out to the ghetto, girl's in they stilettos
With their tongue rings, doing tricks, sippn' on Ameretto
Fire pon a fosse-man a bad man truss me
Not a homophobic, just a man who loves pssss
Come here let me see you, and throw a little game
You can either fall in love with the hood or with the name
Explicit lyriciasm (yo) nuff narcissism
Is invading hip-hop, replacing escapism
My vision is an ism (yo) smoke it till you're high
Unattainable goals blank to your third eye (yo)
Maneuvering high skies to low tone flows
Straight to the five mic sight is where the flow goes
Killing 'em with knowledge - the mind is the key
Just sign on the dotted line and check who you be

CHORUS (Jully Black) {Kardinal
You {you, me {me, powerful {so powerful
We're fighting for this goal and we ain't gonna stop
{We ain't never gonna stop y'all
I said you {you, me {me, is wonderful {so wonderful
We'll be makin' babies til our army's on top
{'Til we standing on the top y'all

(Kardinal Offishall)
The funk is in the air (yo) you might suffocate
If you don't strap on your mack on and watch I articulate
We don't shake hands with cops (yo) we don't participate
Light up an informer and make his mouth menstrate (yo)
Black is for Black, they can't understand that
So they call it "reverse racism" and try to pin it back (yo)
But if we ain't for us, who for us? them? - nah!
If it was up to them they would have us ridin' in the back of the bus
In handcuffs and other shackles (yo) check Mr. Bush
Plant cocaine on me and call it operation push
Our Prime Minister is actually second in command
Bending over to the star spangled-politically strangled
So we have to move (yo) through the underground
Encode the funk mode and claim back the sound (yo)
'Cause what's mine is gonna stay mine, word to line for line
Off the top and all that
Peace to magnificent rap


(Tara Chase)
Look out
Cameras are watching you, they watching you from birth
And they be killing us softly by biologically attacking us first
Don't think that you're immune
'Cause your acquired system is soon to be consumed
Flesh eating disorder, false claims of water
I rip through the lies so I can bare sons and daughters, and soldiers
Build my camp up like an army over Giza, running suicide missions
You can't disarm me

CHORUS **no Kardinal**

**Jully Black ad-libs**

(Jully Black)
Making babies 'til our army's on top
yeah, yeah
Oh yeah
(Kardinal Offishall)
Wake up!
Take it low, low low low low low

OUTRO (Kardinal Offishall)
Dear Lord,
I really, I don't even know how to ax this
You know, I can't, this this this is not an act
I must, from the bottom of my heart, ask forgiveness for my sins
But you know what
I ask that you give me the strength to be able to reach
all of those peoples, on every street corner, every block, every ghetto
All of those people, that we sometimes think are not worthy of blessings,
they're worthy to me
And I think that as a man given the blessings you have given me
The opportunity to speak, that I need to speak the language
of those people, and I need to reach them
You know, beacuse there's are a lot of good people on this Earth,
but there still some people that need a talking to
And I ask you to give me the strength to reach out to those people
You know because I believe everybody is worthy of your blessings
So I ask that you give, you give me, my family, my crew, F.O.S, the circle
All of us, all the babies that are being born
You give us the strength to be able to deal with it how you see fit
Beacuse you give all of us the power, as much as some people might not believe it
You give us the strength to reach out and touch a lot people
So Lord I ask you give me the strength to go out in the world and start the fire
You know, start your fire, you understand I'm saying
Lord, just please be with me, be with me
and give me the strength and let me do this
come to you as humble man, Kardinal Offishall
Quest For Fire
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Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Kardinal Offishall: Powerfulll

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Kardinal Offishall: Powerfulll

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