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Ke$ha (Kesha): Rainbow

I used to live in the darkness
dress in black
act so heartless
but now I see that colors are everything

got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo
got back the stars in my veins too
now I see the magic inside me

this kitty cat lost her minds
been looking for a star-sent sign
that I will be alright
look to the skies

I’ve found a
rainbow ./2x
trust me, I know
life is scary
but just put those color on, girl
come and play along with me tonight

I’d forgot how to daydream
so consume with the wrong things
but in the dark
I realized this life is short

and deep down, I’m still a child
playful eyes
wide and wild
I can’t lose hope
what’s left on my heart’s still made of gold

and I know tjhat I;m still fucked up
bur aren’t we all, my love?
darling, our scars makes us who we are
so when the winfds are howling strong
and you think you can’t go on
hold tight sweetheart

I’ve found a
rainbow ./2x
trust me, I know
life is scary
but just put those color on, girl
come and play along with me tonight
Autor tekstu: Kesha
Dodane przez: karmazyn

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Ke$ha (Kesha): Rainbow

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Ke$ha (Kesha): Rainbow
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Ke$ha (Kesha): Rainbow

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