Kendrick Lamar: ELEMENT.

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Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar: ELEMENT.

New kunk fu kenny
Ain;t nobody praying for me
Y’all know
What happens on Earth stays on Earth
Here we go

I don’t give a fuck /5x

I’m willing to die for this shit
I done cried for this shit
Might take a life for this shit
Put the Bible down and go eye for an eye foe this shit
D.O.T my enemy
Won’t catch a vibe for this shit
I been stomped out in front of my mama
My daddy commissary made it to commas
Bitch, all my grandmas dead
So ain;t nobody praying for me
I’m on your head

13 millions later
Kniow the feds watching
Auntie in my telegram
Like Be cautions!
I be hanging out at tam;s
I be on Stockton
I don’t do it for the Gram
I do it for Compton
I’m willing to die for this shit
I’ll take your fucking life for this shit
We ain;t going back to break
Family selling dope
That;s why you mainey-ass rap niggas better know!

Autor tekstu: Kendrick Lamar
Data dodania: 2017-07-05
Tekst dodał: Heading

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Kendrick Lamar: ELEMENT.

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Kendrick Lamar: ELEMENT.

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Kendrick Lamar: ELEMENT.

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