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Kool Keith: Cleavage

New York City
Want me tell you the style that's goin on right now?
Girl I caught you last night
You're only 19 or 20, tryin to hide
Sittin in the back of a resteraunt, with a 99 year-old man
I'm startin to see that a lot
Hey fellas!
She's feisty feisty, just lettin it all hang out

[Chorus: x2]
Man I know, they're out there cheatin
Every girl in the club, exposin cleavage

[Kool Keith]
Man I know.. I'm on the couch yo, I'm feelin laid back
I play my records over and over, my name is K-Mack
I'm over here on the chair, girls stop and stare
200 million pounds, you bring a box or 7
I'm on the news, girls you turn to Fox 11
You try to network, that watch and neck hurt
I give you irons, don't take so long to press my shirt
With the steam that's clean, you start to dream extreme
You chose one, you're on the creamer team
You move with men that beat 'em, they on the screamer team


[Kool Keith]
Man I know.. you know the kind of sound, grab your Metro card
Get rid of your ego, meet me down in Chinatown
The classic Lincoln, respect the K when he speakin
I sleep in limos and headline shows at the Beacon
Broadway players, the City Hall to the majors
I'm on DVD, most cats still watchin Betas
I write with two pens and two pads, two songs on papers
Girls with FedEx sendin all thongs to me in all flavors
UPS delivery B what you givin me?


[Kool Keith]
Man I know.. have you seen your girl tonight?
Call the manager, turn on the light
No studio tape, 300 groups wanna be in the remix
and bypass the need for fixin, loaded with chicks and
With the mic, rock icon, women like pops
Don't fear eyedrops
You're frozen with teardrops, double peein
That's right you seein, the best to believe it you receive it
Non-stop for the hip-hopp-in, that's right you stop man
Cause your records done flopped man
A full length video, that's the girl in stereo
I gotta see this, don't you believe this


[Kool Keith]
Man I know..
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Kool Keith: Cleavage

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Kool Keith: Cleavage
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Kool Keith: Cleavage

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