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KRS-One: Problemz

Yeah man, yo Marla what's up
Yeah, Inebriated Beats, big up Boston, the whole Boston
Edo.G what's up man? I got you
We gon' bounce this now, can I start? Can I start?
Here we go

I'm the newest and the truest MC on the mic
I wrote over 500 songs, pick what you like
It ain't easy bein me, by day or night
But it's easy bein free to recite what you like
Hip-Hop is my inalienable right
When it comes to emceein KRS is a whole different type
Now go get it right, did I flow spit it tight
In a fight I was the type to go get a pipe
BINK! BINK! BINK! BINK! Movin 'em back
BINK! That's the sound of an aluminum bat
But it seems they new to these facts
Which means they new to the tracks
Which means they do hold us back
Too new to know all that but still runnin they trap
Do the math, radio gets a 20 record a week stream
But only three are ever seen
What happens to the other 17?
We gotta solve it

Too many players and not enough crime
When they finally wake up they woulda ran out of time
They can't see today how they effect tomorrow
Too afraid to follow, cause they trust is hollow
Because according to the laws they'll harp some sorrow
Yo, "Victory Over the Streets" - that's our motto
But if people ain't got no vision, that's a PROBLEM..
We gotta solve it

People say, "Kris - why you teach so much?
Why you preach so much? Why you speak and such?
Why you so bent on reachin each of us?"
I reply - because you eatin with us
In the future our children will be meetin with us
Have a seat then with us and start speakin with us
They'll be critiquin us to be sure they believe in us
We don't need a PROBLEM..
We gotta fix it

We live non-toxic, we teach that hip-hop is
the transformation of all subjects and objects
Retrain your optics, to reinterpret the topics
We gotta stop treatin hip-hop like a product
and more of a strategy; I got graphs, charts
sacred textbooks, these cats can't battle me
But they try, and why? Cause that's a PROBLEM..
We gotta fix that

These cats need history to get with me
But hip-hop's history's a mystery
So how they gonna find out, trial and error
We can make one the example for all to get better
Inform, KRS is not the norm
I go from hot to warm to cold to hot
But hip-hop's history many forgot
And that's a PROBLEM..
We gotta solve that

[interlude beat]

We gotta fix that
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KRS-One: Problemz

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KRS-One: Problemz
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KRS-One: Problemz

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