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Lana Del Rey: How To Disappear

John met me down on the boulevard
Cry on his shoulder
'Cause life is hard
the waves came in over my head
whatcha been up to, my baby?
haven’t seen you around here lately
all of the guys tell me lies
but don’t you just crack another beer
and pretend that you’re still here

this is How To Disappear
this is How To Disappear
Autor tekstu: Lana Del Rey
Dodane przez: olobolo

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Lana Del Rey: How To Disappear

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Lana Del Rey: How To Disappear
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Lana Del Rey: How To Disappear

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Re: Lana Del Rey - How To Disappear
~Gość 5 października 2018, 13:39
Lana nie znikaj!

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