Lennie Moreno: Sweet Intoxication

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Lennie Moreno: Sweet Intoxication

I can feel the want in your touch
Fingers dance on skin with such
(Your) Body's next to me
Pressed so tightly
And breathlessly
Your voice rumbles in my ear
Filled with words that I can't hear
Cuz I'm shivering
As you're lingering
Make my body sing with some...

Sweet anticipation
I see you're into me
Feel you over me
Feel you enter me
Feel you move in me...
Sweet intoxication
Oh, it makes me chill
Take me higher still
'Til I get my fill
Please say you will

Sweat flowing, my eyes in motion, take a deep look, yo thighs approaching.
Ass rotation with a silk dress on: you got the potion.
Hair in the wind you got mad devotion, now, I'm back to posting.
You starting to caress this body with a hand full of the sweetest lotion.
Flowing ocean, you got me toasting,
Now you back with yo fingers roasting:
Got them in and out like your coast to coasting.
Spreading your legs now you smack your ass up.
Did it so fast, now I'm about to pass out,
Licking my face, I'm about to catch a case up,
Fingers in yo mouth, I want to kiss your face up,
Yeah, right there, accelerate the pace up!
Feel the magic, straight romantic,
Kiss that you give, that is so fantastic,
Hitting on the spot with a spank: that's drastic,
Rip out your bra, tap that ass up,
Tongue on my body got to build the sex up,
Got me on the touch, all about the rush, crystal clear,
Got me fucked up like a pistoler,
Sex like a beast, never got to cease,
Got to satisfy when I'm on the feast, never got to cheat,
Got to hit hard to if I'm on the leash!
Intoxication, satisfaction, got to cum twice cuz I'm packed with action,
You feel me so good when there is no protection, hard erection; expectations,
I'm working on the body like a homicidal investigation!

Ohhhh... Feeling your skin next to mine
I promise to take my time
Tracing your hips with my lips
As they slip 'cross the tip
You're all wet with sweet sweat
How hot can it get...
Oh no, not yet... make my heart beat faster, yeah...
The glisten in your eyes
Oh, you got me hypnotized
Now our bodies slip and slide
Right until they're synchronized
Now we're gonna start this ride
Even if it takes all night
Baby, now I feel the tide
Rising and rising...
Now the world just disappears
All I need is you right here
Now you whisper in my ear,
"Come on, sweet baby"
Baby, now you'll set the tone
As we start to scream and moan
Then we come into our own...
Release what's been building all night...

Cut to the chase; give me what I need, left to right with your crazy tactics,
Let me in the zone with the crazy hot stick,
Ass is so sick!
I got to hit you from the back and never got to stop,
45 minutes and I'm never gonna pop,
You offering a body that I'm all about to take,
First I really got to make you bake, hey,
I'm doing what I do and it's all about to blow,
Everybody knows that it's all about the flow:
Wrap the package and I make it go,
Work the privates and I make it glow,
Damn I'm cracking, words are lacking, hands are shaking,
Screaming to the fullest and you sure not faking, no complexion,
Muscle flexing and straight up sexing, DAMN

Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Lennie Moreno: Sweet Intoxication

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Lennie Moreno: Sweet Intoxication

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Lennie Moreno: Sweet Intoxication

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