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Lexicon: The Official

(Nick Fury)
I got the crowd gathered round like it's fight, night
Minor leaguers stay at home with your night, light
Because I'm quite, tight
They seen that Fury knows how to rock the mic, right
And get a right, right
And a true, that
After I rock your whole crew gives me a few, daps
They all really seem to love the way I do, that
But I knew, that
It's the same exact reason that your crews, lack
Aiyyo who dat?!

You know the name, type it in caps
The life of the party with straws and we siphonin Pabst (Pabst!)
Drunk as a bum, Kinnoga brown bag it and blaze
Fraggin your regiment, rip every dragon I slay (slay!)
Off of respect I step like I'm walkin on props
So high that when I drop rhymes it look like dots (dots!)
Rippin you out of your skin like I'm openin gifts
in front of a sucker and burn like a solar eclipse

This is the of-fi-CIAL
Raps that combat the arti-fi-CIAL
When I'm pullin out my automatic pis-TAL
Click click, CLICK, click click, POW
Ooh ooh, CHILD, sick sick, STYLE
Raps to combat the arti-fi-CIAL
When I'm pullin out my automatic pis-TAL
Oooh ooh, OOH, ooh ooh, CHILD, click click, POW

(Big Oak)
You better be smooth and you better be swift
Cause I'm lookin down at y'all like I was on a ski-lift
Get your teeth chipped by a stray adjective
Better run for cover we creatin havoc kid - ahhhh CHECK IT
If you haven't seen us comin yet then EXPECT IT
Finally got an opportunity, so I KEPT IT
Meant to do my thesis but instead I made a RECORD
So when you're spinnin ones and twos SELECT IT

(Nick Fury)
I rock like Sebastian Bach so ill
that I got 'em on my words from wintertime to autumn
These tracks are magnetic, the way they clock to it
with their hands in the air like how the cops do it
Let 'em swing (swing) cut (cut) slash, bruise (OOOOH!)
Whatever method they choose, I still won't lose
What you think you could subdue these dudes?
Seems to me you got it twisted like a Rubik's Cube


Any shine you ever get now consider it gone
the second the record is dropped like consecutive bombs
I can develop a crisis quicker than Dodge Vipers
with nitrous bottle kits and horsepowered hypeness
Bring your whole squadron, bitch, click and your posse
Saddam and Qaddafi, Hitler and every Nazi
Watch me, I can time travel in stealth
Then come back in ten seconds I can battle myself

(Big Oak)
I gotta lot of things to tell y'all so now I'm RELAYIN IT
But I mean what I spit while you're just SAYIN IT
Maybe that's why you get ignored when they're PLAYIN THIS
And maybe that's why we get adored while you're HATIN THIS
If she charts can't diss and I'm PAINTIN IT
Nick be my right hand man and he's SLAYIN IT
Same as Ryu, we wanted this now we're TAKIN IT
It's the L, if you don't know then start FAKIN IT

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Lexicon: The Official

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Lexicon: The Official

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