Lil Pump: No Hook

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Lil Pump

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Lil Pump: No Hook

CB on the beat
Uh, Jetski, brr
You ever seen two pregnant bitches in a fist fight?

You ever seen two pregnant bitches in a fist fight? (Huh?)
Baby mama number one and number two (Ooh)
Whoever win this fight, that's the one I'm gon' choose (For real)
I'm pourin' up three's, I don't like to pour two's (No)
Have you ever sipped a whole pint in one night? (Huh?)
Have you been inside your house and rode a dirt bike? (Ooh)
Have you ever blowed a whole mill' on ice? (Have you?)
You ever been in a marial with a Glock 9? (Pow-pow)
Have you ordered twenty sandwiches from Popeyes? (Huh?)
I got this Mexican bitch drinkin' peroxide (Wow)
If I OD on Wockhardt, just let me die (Damn)
I catch a body, cut my hair and I go to Dubai
Huh? You thought I was finished?
The homie caught a body and there ain't no witness (Uh-uh)
Poured a pint the ocean while my neighbor was fishin'
Learned a lot from my cousin just from bein' in the kitchen, I whipped it
Now I'm sellin' bricks to Andrew Wiggins
I beat a nigga up that used to play for The Pistons (Yeah)
When you on drugs you make better decisions (Ooh)
Hold up, let the beat drop (Brr)
I just sold your lil' brother re-rock (Aye)
I got an Indian bitch named Tanika (Huh?)
All she do is suck dick and smoke reefer (Smoke reefer)
They say I'm disrespectful
I got eighty pointers sittin' on my bezel (On my bezel)
I ran off on the pussy, who gon' book me?
Tell the promoter I'm hittin' licks, don't book me (Don't book)
So I started thinkin'
I got a lot of bitches, I lost count of these bitches (How many?)
I sold a whole brick to a midget
You better start sellin' crack, start your own business (Huh?)
I poured a seven, I'm faded as fuck
Fuck around, go rob a Brinks truck (Brinks truck)
I robbed your baby mama in a Toys "R" Us (Uh)
And I put some Forgiato's on a short bus (Vroom)
I had to make this quick stop at Wingstop (Wingstop)
I left the booth and got some top, I'm a rockstar (Hey)
I met this one bitch the other day with three felonies (Woah)
We had a threesome the first night, she was on ecstasy (Uh)
If I don't like the engineer, shoot him in his ear (Doo-doo-doo)
I ain't payin' for studio, bitch, I'm out of here (I'm out of here)
And I ain't payin' for no pussy, bitch, get out of here
She had a seizure doin' Xans while I drank a beer (Ahh)
Hold up, I'm finna call the ambulance
I called the plug by mistake, damn, I'm out of it (Brr)
I asked the plug for more pints and he was out of it (Huh?)
If you suck this dick, I'll make you to a rapper bitch

I got a pint of red in my pants, so my pockets big
Boy, your Rollie fake as fuck, I heard it tock and tick
.30 in the Glock, the only time you catch me poppin' shit
AK shoot fire and blast off like a rocketship
Drink two pints in a day, I'll buy some other shit
An eight of zip of Runtz, I'm poppin' blunts in my survival kit
My fat bitch is tougher, she could take a fuckin' rifle clip
Another twenty's on me right now, this bitch bible thick
If you ain't almost overdose off drank, you ain't sippin' right
If you ain't spent ten bands in one day, you ain't livin' right
How you a GD but ain't got blues? You ain't crippin' right
Your bitch sellin' pussy but stay broke, you ain't pimpin' right
I'm a 810 baby, yeah, the dirty water
I pour my drank in Aquafina, I drink dirty water
Street nigga, I'd bust a nigga head for thirty dollars
Fuck a red rose, when I die, bring me purple flowers
I told Pump match the pint and he was down for it
My bitch threw my drank in the pool, I almost drown for it
I don't want the bitch, her ass flirt in the iron, boy
You wanna buy this Act? I need your leg and an arm for it
Yeah, I'm overtaxin'
Hit a fat bitch in the trap and pop the blow mattress
Signed a deal and sacrificed my opps, I hope I blow up rappin'
Lyin' in your raps goin' on top, boy, you overcappin'
Damn, you lie too much
Get on the track and train, my shoes loose, I need to tie 'em up
Killed the beat and had a ceremony, hold your lighters up
Spin the Hellcat a hundred times, fuck the tires up
I love to smell a burnt rubber
How you sellin' dope but always broke? You a hurt hustler
I kill a nigga Saturday night and go to church Sunday
In the club Friday actin' rich, but you got work Monday
I need a secretary
Tax time hustler, boy, you only ball in February
Tryna drink a lot of red today, I need that boysenberry
Said I'm gon' be rich and then it happened, I'm a fortune teller
Ayy, Jeffery, where you at? I need a refill
Shoot you up close in your sleep and make your dream spill
Now I got blood on my new Chanel
Fucked around and got my shirt dirty but I'm clean still
W-O-C-K-H-A-R-D-T, I could drink an eight straight
Man, I drink so much drank, it got me gainin' weight
Lace a nigga blunt and teach him some, bitch, it's trainin' day
You can't find me, I be MIA like Babyface
Bust a nigga granny daughter face with the baby Drac'
Tell your mama call her sister, make sure auntie straight
Me and Pump linked up, you shoulda seen the look on haters face

(Rio, nigga) Ahh
No Hook 1
Ooh, Jetski
Yeah, yeah

Autor tekstu: Lil Pump
Data dodania: 2023-03-17
Tekst dodał: Rappppp

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Lil Pump: No Hook

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Lil Pump: No Hook

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