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Lil' Rob: Firme memories

Aqui stoy thinking about you carnalito,everytime you cross my mind tu sabes que me aguitoi remember when we used to kick back and have a blast,its hard to belive that was back in the pasti remember those times like it was yesterdayi know if i was there and you here it be the same waywe never thought we go through anything like this now we sit back and pray saying rest in peaceall our homies got your name tagged behind their necksome on their chest and back arm just to show respectyour always on our mind everyday and everynightwe miss you carnal and things just aint right(CHORUS)these firme memories of my brotherthe feel so wonderful rest in peace rest in peace(VERSE 2)every chance we get we sittin by your gravesightthinking about you looking up in the skymom sits back wiping tears from her eyeswe sit and talk about you and she starts to cryshe says how much she wants to hold you back againin her arms like before holding you by your handeverynight we pray and think about you broits hard to accept that you had to goi sit back and drift and reminisce about youof all the firme tiempos and all the things we used to dosimon carnal your in my method all the timetu vienes primero and you'll never stay behindyour kids are growing up and they ask about you brothey say they miss daddy but i guess you know we see you in the sky looking down at them they stare at one another like they dont understanddamn carnal if only we can take timeback to the days when everything was fineuuuuhh im missing you(CHORUS)thesefirme memories of my brother they feel so wonderful rest in peacethese firme memories of my brother they feel so wonderful rest in peace rest in peace(VERSE 3)sometimes i sit at the pat and the living roomcheking out your pictures listening to some oldiesto the ones you liked the ones you used to bumpconfessing the feeling try me and lets get it ontakes me back to the days when you were heresometimes i close my eyes and i could hear you real clearrest in peace in the heavens up above those who left behind for once got nothing but lovesimon carnal thats how it is your being missednow all we have are the firme memorieswe used to share in the days when you were here with usnow another firme brother and a son thats losti know will see each other cause will be there somedayrest in peace carnal for you we all prayuuuuhh im missing you(CHORUS)this firme memories of my brother(carnal)the feel so wonderful(do you hear me callin) rest in peace(i wanna kick it with you my brotha back to back like we used with all the homies homies en mi corazon carnal)
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Lil' Rob: Firme memories

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Lil' Rob: Firme memories
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Lil' Rob: Firme memories

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