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Lil Wayne: The Other Side

[La the Darkman]
I'm all about that cheese, swiss, mozerella
Monster, Kobe, American or cheddar
When it come to robbery
Nobody do it better
Notorious L.A.D.
Fresh Coogi sweater
The cleanest
Lyrics is the meanest
Understand my english
Nigga, I'm a Genious
Ice like a snow cone
Writin in my iPhone
Went from sellin' crack
To sellin' ringtones
Straight out the projects
To million dollar homes
Inside the Carter
Cookin' 36 zones
36 O's and I break them all down
In and out of every trap
all through the A-town
The Embassy A.M.G.
Young Money merger
I'm a Young Champ Like Ben Roethlisberger
S.S. Chevy with the big block engine
Rims and paint cost me a whole pension
[Jae Millz]
I don't need nothing but my niggas
And enough weed to go around
A ten ounce some grams and loaded pound
Fuck what another nigga think of me
I'm thinkin' multi-millions
He thinkin' G's
Nigga please
Get your mind right
Fuck tryna be fresh
Get your grind right
Cuz I'm Like
So in another league
I throw my pitches
at different degrees
And I
Wwril my pigskins
at different speeds
And I hit threes
Cuz at different times
I release
My shot cold
Nigga, I'm Hot
Don't be tight cuz you not
Just be happy I'm lettin' you breath
I'm the good, I'm the bad
I'm the devil, I'm Jesus
Its Young Money Bitch!
The game needs us
Gudda Gudda, What it is nigga
Kid-Kid Chi, Get it how you live nigga
My nigga Mack Maine just left the dealer ship
And Weezy just ripped the drop phantom so they feelin' sick
Diamond rings, Diamond chains
Royal Suites, Private planes
Palm trees, Big change
I can't complain
I made a promise to myself
That I'll never be have-not
Nigga Fuck being broke
Before that day come
I'll A.K. stamp ya
When there's beef
I'm in the centre like Tyson Chandler
Fuck what you heard
In the booth I goes off
Like the lights if you ain't payin
Its the third
And you already two months late with the bill
Clown nigga you's a lame
Bitch Nigga
I'm Millz!
Young Mullah
If you didnt,now you know
Its the million dollar nigga
With the million dollar flow
Icicle chain
Got a million dollar glow
Quarter mill for the gang
If you tryna book a show
Templates on the bentley
Ridin' through the checks
Got a pocket full of money
Nigga, Hand on my tec
I'm demandin' respect
I'm a man to respect
Disrespect your man
Put my hand round his neck
Its no other than
Gudda Gudda man
Still bout my money
Nigga, Fuck another man
I'm on the paper chase
All about the hustle man
I be climbin' through your window
Like I'm fucking Broadmnan
Look I'm
Shady Aftermath
Put your head in a scope
A Bank roll with the bucks
Is what these young niggas killin' for
The game dirty
On the streets tryna deal Yayo
Fifty clips at his hat
Leave a peeled potatoe
[Lil Wayne]
I call my nina bay like San Diego
Get me twisted
I'm a turn into a tornado
And all my riders ridin' like a winabago
You stay
But I'm a let that A.K. go
Rawer than a qualo
Shoot you like Halo
Give ya ass a halo
These bitches walk around actin like they J.lo
Man, I remember when these bitches was just hey hoe
Hey hoe, how you doing?
I'm doing every fuckin thang
Smokin them dikes
I'm on that Mary fucking Jane
This shit so Tom and Jerry to Lil Wayne
And you MC's are just milk and cherries to Lil Wayne
And bitch I'm greedy
but if I keep eatin you rappers
I'll get sugars diabities
I'm a different species
I'll crush your two fingers into a million pieces
What the fuck do I be thinkin?
Kill, Kill, Murder
And Benjamin Franklin
Your girlfriend is into them gangstas
And me being a gangsta
I get into your girlfriend
I stay still when the world spins
And ain't nobody flyer than the Birdman
You heard me
You heard him
Him being me
And we are better than
All y'all bitches, Niggas, Hoes
Enemies, Foes
Threes, Twos, Ones
But these dudes won
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Lil Wayne: The Other Side

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Lil Wayne: The Other Side
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Lil Wayne: The Other Side

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