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Limbomaniacs: Shake It

Trix for kicks hip to the mix
Posin' for pics chewin' chew with the hick chicks
Fun is a gang bang I'm doin' the wild thing
Boffin' and aa bruisin' in the back of a Mustang
With style and finesse I'm never second best
Drink beer for breakfast pass any piss test
Mai Tai's no tie dyes I don't red by candles
I don't wear beads or Burkenstock sandles
I'm loud and rude dirty and crude
Talkin' to you with a mouth full of food
Stayin' up all night makin' noise so illegal
Got your high power Trower playin' "Day of the Eagle"
I'll sing like Sinatra go croonin' like Como
Laugh non stop watchin' Abbott and Costello
Make you move to the groove when I'm up to the bat
Because I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that
I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that
I'll make it clear I'll make it understood
I like layin' by the fire with the burnin' firewood
With a girl on a bear skin like that's all she's wearin'
Tellin' me all the things that I want to be hearin'
Like come on come over let's break a sweat
I'll rock you so hard on that you can bet
I'll make a mountain move and put a smile on your face
I'll make your body quiver all over the place

Because I'll be your little play thing dance in a g-string
Give you the good stuff go till you get enough
Take you so high you'll never want to say when
And then we'll take ten and do it over again
Yeah that's the kind of offer that I can't refuse
I'm a man with a mission and no other excuse
So when we're doin' the do and she purrs like a cat
I say I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that
I'm like Jessie James I don't play games
I might stumble and mumble but I don't drop names
Cool like a six pack two speed with a kick back
Smooth as a felt hat wild as a wombat
Toppin' the roster like Roger Decoster
Bring your girl to my party you can bet that you lost her
'Cause I'll rap a fast style and I make it stick
And all the girls can tell you my tongue is quick
I rev it to the red line to get to the good tiime
The pedal's to the metal won't slow for the stop sign
green is for go I'm pullin' all the stops
Can't fake it won't take it push it over the top
Two kinds of people and I know them well
Those who go with the flow and those who think for themselves
So bust it make a move now you're on the attack
I like to see you shake it when you shake it like that
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Limbomaniacs: Shake It

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Limbomaniacs: Shake It
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Limbomaniacs: Shake It

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