Luis Rios AKA El Rey: Luis Rios

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Luis Rios AKA El Rey

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Luis Rios AKA El Rey: Luis Rios

F**ken Mexican Haters
If you hate Mexicans then f**k yall niggaz
This that boy Luis Rios AKA Lil' Ruiz
Putos dont f**k with us
Representin that Dirty SouthWest Houston

This dat boy Luis Rios
Porque Tienes Frio
Im with my homie Chino and my pinche little primo
down south on Houston, Bitch
try to swing youll get hit
cause yall niggaz aint shit
throw up your f**ken clique
if you ready for this risk
down in Westbury High
im smokin my lowridin ride
Chevy year '95
Ruiz Da King
Down in dat dirty south 13
Im da boxer from da Ring
I'll make yall niggaz all bleed
cause this song worth more than your weed
Listen to my Rhymin
Im so throw Freestylin
While these niggaz still Fightin
To get me in the floor and start Whyning
but im so strong nigga
so bitches stop Writing

Still writin with Christian Rios
raised en Estados Unidos
still crossed a damn Rio
mis dientes no tienen brillo
me miras mi estylo
dile a tu hijo
dile a tu nio
to dress like me

looking so fly like a Mexican King
Im not from Houston
but i do represent
cause i was raised in this town
best show some respect
im not S-P-Mex
and not Juan Gotti from Tex
but ill tell you this nigga
im that SouthWest Mexican

Luis Rios AKA
Lil' Ruiz or El Rey
Representin all states
from Texas up straight
niggaz always complain
that us niggaz cant maintain
these niggaz in da SouthWest
will show you how to play
rap for the game
rap is in my traits
its all over my genes
and raised on me like grains
i eat up frosted flakes
while you waitin a day
to grow afro and get braids
but others want waves
Hispanics getting fades
choppin and screwin up da place
if you screw and chopp this song
you must be high or drunk
cause this song is done
this Rios pullin up stunts
and poppin up trunks

yeah puto, Luis Rios, putos
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Luis Rios AKA El Rey: Luis Rios

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Luis Rios AKA El Rey: Luis Rios

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Luis Rios AKA El Rey: Luis Rios

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