Machine Gun Kelly: The Arsonist

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Machine Gun Kelly

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Machine Gun Kelly: The Arsonist

Kells, never been a punk
Always had hands, tall skinny city boy, white skin black chucks
And everybody that wanna challenge I can do whatever you do but you ball-

Man hold up, hold up, hold up, you gotta stop, stop that, stop goddamn
I don't think ya'll know what's going on right now man, check it out
This is the kid, MGK, Machine Gun Kelly, and this the mother fuckin' mixtape, 100 words and running, Lace the fuck up, Kells!

Uhh, Kells, never been a punk
Always had hands, tall skinny city boy, white skin black chucks
And everybody that wanna challenge I can do whatever you do
But you ball, I dunk (Swisssh)
You thought them up
Sleeping on the bottom, I'm on top of the bunk
So when the Machine's getting something to eat
You wanna breathe, bitch please now use that tongue
But don't use that wrong and tell your boyfriend who you used it on
She calling me daddy and her boy Lil' Jon
So if we gotta problem then let's get crunk (Yeaah!)
I-I am what you wishing for
The dropout will receive what you paying your tuition for
Said you wanna rap (why?), tell me what you spitting for
I am the only great white
Get it, what you fishing for?

Hold up stop stop, I just said I-I am the only great white and I'm a white rapper
And great white like a shark... 'what you fishing for?'
Ya'll don't get it

Ok fuck that bring it back
This is what I gotta do to get my city back
No we not the east or southwest any that
Straight down the middle like a goddamn Kit-Kat
Yea, yea no mornings because there isn't no sleep just yawning
Trying to get a house on the prairie on top of the hill
Now where's my awnings
Ow and if we recording, put this song in the obituary
Have my manager notify Yonny and tell him I killed his beat, I'm sorry

But Kells is just a beast like that
Got a beauty on my arm call Disney tell them that the beast is back
We beat that, weed is crack, show me where the freaks is at
Not a stain on me, you would think I'm where the bleach is at
Up front let me beat the back
Give an uncle like my niece react
Came without a snorkel but she show me where her beach is at
Surf's up, the cat got me riding her body waves, positions change
Now I'm all over her chest like Axe body spray
And she can't even go down and get my rocks off (Why?)
Cause so many haters dangling they rip my cock off (What?)
Nah, I'm just playing, but yo for real though
How 'bout you get off my sack and buy yourself a dildo?
Or buy yourself some steels yo, selling 16's like pills yo
I'll get your career rolling, rolling no wheels bro
So what I gotta steal fo?
Even though I'm in the spot that ya'll kill fo
Cause if you watch Finding Nemo y'all the Krill fucking meals ho
What the deal yo, what I need a deal fo?
I got every coast in the country dancing to my songs; heel-toe
Entrepreneur's hero, 19 years older than zero
Nine digits follow the zeros on my check
Now where's my pillow?

Shadyville's DJs
Big shouts to my man DJ E-V
All new music cartel
Autor tekstu: Machine Gun Kelly
Data dodania: 2023-07-10
Tekst dodał: Rappppp

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Machine Gun Kelly: The Arsonist

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Machine Gun Kelly: The Arsonist

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Machine Gun Kelly: The Arsonist

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