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Marillion: Lady Nina


You pick out your credit cards and check into the night
A dozen tequilas and you're feeling all right
So you swim to the disco, out of your depth jaded gigolo
Your lucky charms are tarnished so you leave alone
But there's one place left to go before the taxi home
After all you've made your marks
One night you'll play Elizabeth Taylor
The next night you're Marilyn Monroe
Forever kissing frogs that think they're princes
Oh, Lady Nina, where did all the romance go?

Your little sister baby-sits, your husband picks you up at six
The make-up hides the bruises and the tears so they never show
'Cos your beauty is the only thing you've ever owned
It's the only way you've ever known to make your marks
You made your marks, you made your marks
We believe it's for real

Ich liebe dich, liebst du mich

Lady Nina, I'd love to take you home with me
But I love my wife and I love my family
I've got a good job, responsibilities
And I need to keep respect from society
I know you'll never act with me
I know that you're in love with me
So how do I compare to the sailors of the ships of the night?
Was I all right? Did you come tonight, Lady Nina?

You made your marks, you made your marks
Ebony flowers pinned to a velvet cushion in a red light
And Edith Piaf sings a lullaby for the night
Just making marks, just making marks
Just making marks, just making marks
You made your marks
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Marillion: Lady Nina

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Marillion: Lady Nina
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Marillion: Lady Nina

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