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Mike Oldfield: On Horseback

(feat. The Penrhos Kids)

I Like Beer And I Like Cheese
I Like The Smell Of A Westerly Breeze
But I Like More Than All Of These
To Be On Horseback


Hey And Away We Go
Through The Grass Cross The Snow
Big Brown Beastie
Big Brown Face
I'd Rather Be With You
Than Flying Through Space

I Like Thunder And I Like Rain
And Open Fires With Roaring Flames
But If The Thunder Is In My Brain
I'd Like To Be On Horseback

Some Like The City Some The Noise
Some Make Chaos And Others Toys
But If I Was To Have The Choice
I'd Rather Be On Horseback

(Repeat Chorus)

Some Find It Strange To Be Here
On This Small Planet With Who Knows Where
But When It's Strange And Full Of Fear
It's Nice To Be On Horseback

Some Are Short And Others Tall
Some Hit There Heads Against The Wall
But It Doesn't Really Matter At All
When You Happen To Be On Horseback

(Repeat Chorus)

So If You Feel A little Glum
To Hergest Ridge You Should Come
In Summer Winther Rain Or Sun
It's Good To Be On Horseback - Hhmmm

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

You Know, I'D Rather Be On Horseback

(Sentence only on the original version)
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Mike Oldfield: On Horseback

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Mike Oldfield: On Horseback
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Mike Oldfield: On Horseback

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