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Mobb Deep: The Illest

Yeah, say it (say it) uh-huh
I'm the illest
Yeah, yo

I gotta be a ill nigga, with no denyin
How the FUCK I get this crowd movin without even tryin?
Made it out the projects, against all odds
Went from, ridin these trains to coppin expensive cars
And even so, all this shit don't make me better than y'all
It only means that I work harder than the average nigga
Never sat around for handouts, I watched and observed
Then quickly rubbed my eyes, if my vision got blurred
I coulda sold drugs (yea yea) 'til I got bagged and jailed
Out of sight, out of mind, niggaz locked feel me like braille
(Feel me) While everybody was chillin
I was broke like a motherfucker, loyal to my vision
Knowin that I'd be on top or somewhere close to it
Nigga, my livin quarters'll be the thing to prove it!
And vowed once I got there to never ever lose it
Let my, head get big and slack off on my music
I'm the illest!

(Chorus: Havoc)
"We done seen it all, done been through it all yo" -> Prodigy
I'm the illest
"Let y'all niggaz know right now, word to mother f'real" -> P
No doubt, cause I'm the illest
"We done seen it all, done been through it all yo"
Cause I'm the illest
"Let y'all niggaz know right now, word to mother f'real f'real"

You know I..
Come through with that seven-four pound I
Voice activated, know these whities just hate it
Thinkin I'm a drug dealer, how else could he cake it?
BITCH, my shit legit, plus I invested in stocks
So if this rap dough stop (yea) the show won't stop (uh-uh)
Believe me there's more ways than a few to make it pop (word)
You gotta have it in you, bring it out once it's needed (yea)
Be strategic, live it shit it and breathe it
I won't stop 'til I'm famous, hostin shows with Regis (that's right)
It's my world, my game won't be defeated
(C'mon, give it to me give it to me)
Keep them checks comin, thoughts flowin
Words blowin, hoes goin, Havoc always holdin
First one to fuck in back of the Porsche truck
Lord knows how many babies that chick coughed up
If you asked my enemies they would say it was all luck
That's why you see, mixed emotion when my name's brought up
Cause I'm the illest


Yo, you know you ill when you can kill two birds (yea)
With one stone alone and slowly emerge
From the deep depths of jealousy and envy's domain
Make chips then stash for the days it rain
Never cry and survive the pain (that's right)
Though shit looked impossible, to an, eye untrained
Nothin to lose, and know the game, be proud of yourself
Remind yourself, say it to yourself, say it

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Mobb Deep: The Illest

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Mobb Deep: The Illest
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Mobb Deep: The Illest

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