Offset: JEALOUSY (feat. Cardi B)

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Offset: JEALOUSY (feat. Cardi B)

Hating ass nigga cuz I got it out the mud
Hating in the family Nigga be ya own blood
Screaming Fuck 12 to the DA and the judge
Never been a dub
Never been a scrub
45 glock now , oh you want the judge
Better than who must be high on them drugs.
Cooling in the mansion with the bubbles in the tub
Heard you undercover you a bitch, you was a stud
Set, yes Nigga don’t try me
In a lamb, I be damned if a Nigga try me
Getting ham wit the fam man a nigga gotta eat
Shawty nothing I’ma bust ima trick for a treat
For I bought the lamb I was riding in a jeep
500 horses with a stick on a seat
Fuck that nigga he’ll fold when it’s heat
Go against the code for the dough boy you weak.
Go against the grain man you kno a nigga lame
Cartier frames I can see a nigga brain
Cartier bracelet it’s matching with the chain
Dirt up on my name man you niggas should be ashamed.
Knock off her boots
When I’m throwing up gang
Diamond fruit loops
In this watch and it’s plain
My dog got the juice
And I’m smoking propane
I’m gunning I run to the money Usain
Who talking Who telling Who Sang
IM selling prescription cocaine
She fuck with my pimping
My cane
I’m Micheal I’m not no Jermaine.
Jealousy that shit gon eat yo heart out
It’s a AR sawed off we’ll slow your squad out.
it’s the beast you brought out
It’s a feast we ball out
I’ll eat ya heart out
I’ll pull ya card out
It’s simple, put wholes in his face like it’s dimples
New Kimbo new bop bop bop bop make it limp him
He play with me blowing me rising my temper
I got millions of racks in my mansion my temple
I’m gangsta but wit yo bitch I get gentle
Wanksta, take out yo teeth like it’s dentures
I’m blanking , you eat this glock I’m Mrs winners.
Cardi Talking
“What the fuck these bitches talking bout man, I mean.... Who’s telling us what?!”

Ain’t no bitch Finna front on me
Bad body bitch with the jumbo teeth
Yellow Lamborghini like a bumblebee
Girl nobody listen to you unless you talking bout me
It’s always a bird tryna tweet shit
You offended when I be on defense
They too worried bout me and my nigga
You should worry bout that nigga yours sleep with
Face is given and never not gave
Been to Atlanta but bitches ain’t brave
How bitches mad I’m the number 1 pick
It’s funny your nigga the one that’s a trade
Bitches is mad stupid they get to the bag and lose it
I’m still in the bed I live on head
Water n Gas included
Bitches don’t wanna go birkin for birkin
Bitches ain’t got enough hits for verzuz
Bitches be acting so different in person
Cartier frames I can see why she nervous
This shit is a circus
I’m dipped in detergent
I’m sick get the nurses
My whip got the curtains
I’m dripped out in Hermes
A bitch say my name then she number 1 trending
I did you a service bitch
Like huh
“Man what the fuck these hoes talking bout hold on hold on hold on”
Look let’s keep it bean let’s keep it a buck
If I had a dick it need to be sucked
All of my opps is running they jibs
Stomach too big it need to be tucked
All of that crying be keeping me up
When Bardi’s around they see me and duck
When I make a post I’m leaving it up
They came from the hood but they leave in the trunk bitch

Autor tekstu: Offset
Data dodania: 2023-08-01
Tekst dodał: Rappppp

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Offset: JEALOUSY (feat. Cardi B)

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Offset: JEALOUSY (feat. Cardi B)

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Offset: JEALOUSY (feat. Cardi B)

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