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Sean Paul: Oh Man

(feat. Daddy Yankee)

Looney Tunes..... Subelo al maximo (Turn it Up to the Max)
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up... Subelo al maximo
Daddy Yankee a turn it up, turn it up... Subelo al maximo
S Peezy a turn it up,bomb it up, blaze it up, bun it up...

[Chorus Yankee:]
vela como maquinon
son son de lo latino
ohh no daddy yankee yo
ohh man
chulo y muevelo
cuerpo, dale agitalo
puerta, quiero verlo stop
ohh man
locos quieren pelear
buscate un arma y ya
no no no miro stop
noo man

[Chorus Translation:]
she looks like a great machine
rhythm of the latinos
ohh no daddy yankee yo
ohh man
hot and moving it, body's shaking it all up
door's close, wanna see you, stop
ohh man
this crazy guys wanna fight
just get a gun that's it
I don't even want to look stop no man

Because we bouncin' to the ouncin'
Keep on flippin' and dippin' it
Gal cause the riddim have kick in it...stickin' it...

[Verse 1:]
no firmoleo en el juego
en la zona cero me quedo
y disparo a lo callejero
so siguelo
mami llego el machetero
cargando el macho de acero
pa dar piquete a ese cuero
so dimelo

[Verse 1 Translation:]
I don't get involved In the game
I stay in the neutral zone
and I shoot in the street style
so let's go.
Mami the killer has arrived
carrying the man of steel
to give some cuts to that skin
so tell me

[Chorus Sean:]
Because the gal dem ever hot
We love fi see them shake it from front to the back
Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton gimme the track
Make I rock it to the gal them make them move non-stop
Cause that's....whats up...

[Verse 2:]
Lockin' it and stockin' it...Make the gal dem put dem back in it
Same time we be trackin' it...Sean da Paul be slappin' it
The gal den say we rockin' it..You done know we a di top in it..
We a di dap in it...Hey yo some bwoy they be gun poppin' it...
When they should be straight rammin' her...pammin' her and bammin' her..
I man put this John in her...She bawl out we a superstar
She love to feel this Don in her...Some bwoy say dem a warrior..
But just gimme the gal dem make we give it to them with stamina...

[Chorus Yankee:]

[Verse 3:]
you gotta let it bounce
aqui esta el mas guillao
welcome to my house of pain
wired out ......
daddy suena activa'o
con el son del caribe
las mamis se lo viven
pega y te doy melao

[Verse 3 Translation:]
You gotta let it bounce
here is the
welcome to my house of pain
wired out ......
Daddy is activated now
with the rhythm of the caribbean.
All the girls just enjoy it
get closer and you shall receive

Me push it right up inna di tight up make dem bawl and all a
Scream the whole night up...ready fi go turn gal on..
Them say dem a love gal like we love gal SP ready fi rub-a-dub gal..
Fat gal...slim gal.....stoosh gal and all me
Thug gal and them dress up inna dem neatas
Ready fi greet us...waan fi meet us...
Gimme the senoritas with the tight up in between-as,
All the Jennifer dem, the Eva's and Selena's...Yankee!

[Chorus Yankee:]
[Chorus Sean:]
[Chorus Yankee:]
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Sean Paul: Oh Man

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Sean Paul: Oh Man
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Sean Paul: Oh Man

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