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Onyx: Live!!!


Let all the live niggas in
Kick all the bitch ass niggas out
We came to rock and shock the house
Turn it out and out and out

Aiyo, the words could get intricate, vocab's in my temple
but I'ma do this ripper dipple, it's your mentals is what I'm into
(FOR THE MONEY!!!) It's essential, and I got ta have it
A verb addict without an author, with the verbals, we hurt em
(WHO?!?)ever try to defy these guys they (FRY!!!)
and they skillet, to all that shit you say you do (KI-KILL IT!!!)
You yappin ???????????????????????? urkin me and back slappin
You ain't no punchtop, it's you is the cappin (GUESS WHAT?!?!)
It's here and there, we're the core (THE CENTRE!!!)
And if Tommy gets live once more, we're back on his agenda
And for y'all hopeful niggas, tryin ta be contenders
(IT'S A STORM!!!) And we come down like goose coats in the winter


Ain't no slackin in my action, I put my back in
beatin tracks in, official now cold smash and jaw tappin
(YO WHAT HAPPENED?!?!) Nuttin, just niggas bustin caps when I was rappin
Cos niggas be packin pretty brand new pistols just for fashion
Cos a fraction be actin frontin, makin Jacksons off of satin
But there better be no procrastin with the axe when you're blastin
Cos when you're maxin and relaxin, that's when they start attackin
(SO!!!) Get the gats, forget the backs and like there's no compassion
Keep ya heat cos nowadays these streets is cold as the Alaskan
Plus my brain sparks and, my hat in Staten stay phattin


Give me the shotty, let me liven up the party
I like to start trouble, cos I'ma little rowdy
And with just three MC's that like to fight
Even when we start the shit we always end it right
SO FOR ALLA Y'ALL, frontin's bad for ya health
Cos in the '9-fever, army goin for self
Kids is true for a cause and it's these fucked up conditions that
we all hate, well fuck it if it's our fate
Just listen up, to what I say
cos niggas get shot daily, everyday
Even my man got killed, now his family's mournin
but from all the dirt he did I know that, hell is callin
Went to his wake and shit got held up
by niggas with masks on their face, I couldn't escape, I was fucked
They said "Everybody in here, up against the wall
That dead nigga owe me money so I'm collectin from y'all"
The people gave him struggle, five minutes went fast
When I said "I ain't givin y'all niggas shit, I'ma just have to get
From the centre of my life, a full-fleshed thief and I'm the truth
That's why we always have proof


Yeah we do it like this and we do it like that
Who's in regulation? Watch your back and pack a gat
Never fall asleep, keep ya heat in your sheet
Cos goin out is what it's all about

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Onyx: Live!!!

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Onyx: Live!!!
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Onyx: Live!!!

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