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P. Diddy: Back for good now

[P. Diddy) Uhh, yeah, you know what it is [Black Rob] Aiyyo, back on the scene Ain't nuthin' changed Still doin' wild things Whippin' something mean The whole shorts in the Rolls Royce is off For sure, bouncin' the bar on my next world tour When we hit the sick, I'm the cure We 'bout to pop it off so wild, hit the floor Ain't nobody botherin' you All I'm thinkin' 'bout is clobberin' you Immigration always sayin' I'm harboring a few Illegal aliens Females, mostly Latins and Israeli-ans The top story, evening news I'm the shit, they been decieving you Drop the roof on the Coupe D'Ville Shoot to kill Ask niggas, Duke is real Stay lookin' for the loot to steal He determined Don't try to touch Bad Boy, cause we burnin' I want my glory Duke is not a joke, and I ain't got ? Everytime I grab the mic it's with the sole intent To rip shots and give you 2OO percent Man, I'm tired of doin' dirt Tired of being on the the run from Wyatt Earp Rather be somewhere in a quiet church, sayin' prayers Not only sayin' mine, but sayin' theirs That's cause my dawgs ain't there Chorus: x2 The more hits we make, more money to burn The more fame we get, niggas get concerned It don't matter who's hot, who's out Bad Boy is Back For Good Now [Loon] Aiyyo, I'm fresh off the plane Tryin' to get a little bit of stress off my brain M-I-A Dom P., palm trees, 9O degrees Arm freeze, mom please, ain't nuthin' but cheese Caribbean Sea, Malibu breeze Watchin' DVDs on 5O inch screens So cut it out, you ain't now Don Juan, please I stay spillin' Dom on my Sean John jeans I hit the bar, yo, it's all on me Pop bottles, models, be all on me You all gon' see how it's all gon' be Front on me and see where you all gon' be Six feet deep When the heat seek, niggas be misty From 155th to 11Oth Street Harlem bound, Bad Boy, who the fuck want a problem now? Chorus x2 [P. Diddy] See this is the part I like right here I like when I see everybody on the dance floor Yeah, I see y'all, just shakin' your asses C'mon, hold on, I need to break it down Yeah One time like this Now would you clap your hands Your hands you clap If your girl's outta place then your girl get tapped Niggas keep thinkin' Diddy ain't on it like that But you never see me standing on the corner like that Cause, I'm talented, yes I'm gifted Never boosted, never shoplifted Forget get the cash, the money ain't nuthin' Cause everything I talk about, you know I ain't frontin' I rock Sean John everyday Boutiques from France to the USA And I make all the chips off the hits I invent So it really doesn't matter how much I spent Cause, I'm droppin' hits Daily You burn me? Really? Think Bad Boy been played a million times And I don't care if niggas write a billion rhymes Damn, we still payed! We still payed! Yeah, we got it made! [Loon] Aiyyo, this game ain't stoppin' We champagne poppin' Girl, I got shit that your man ain't coppin' You could hop in when your man ain't watchin' Give you one option, temperature's droppin' Gettin' cold, control your soul when I'm locked in You the type of chick that fold when you boxed in Signals my watch and givin' you more reasons to hop in This is a Bentley, not a Datsun Don't confuse me with dude, I'm not him Your man got a lot to learn But you could leave with the cat if you that concerned One day you gon' actually learn But not now cause, girl, I got tracks to burn I stay on my J-O-B Nigga, me, P. Diddy, B. R-O-B [P. Diddy] The fam baby, Bad Boy Chorus x4 [P. Diddy] Yeah, I want to dedicate this to everybody that been down with us From day one Shakin' them asses on the dance floor That's all we're tryin' to do Mo' money, no mo' problems 2OO1, Bad Boy forever
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P. Diddy: Back for good now

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P. Diddy: Back for good now
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P. Diddy: Back for good now

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