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P. Diddy: Is this the end

Momma told me one day it was gonna happenBut she never told me whenShe told me it would happen when I was much olderWish it would've happened then (Is this the end?)ChorusVerse One: Puff DaddySometimes I be wakin up at high noonsayin, "Why me Lord?" -- folks thinkin I'ma die soonI just tell em keep seekin, but when they sleepinI be concealed up in my room, knowin that it could happenI'm just tryin to maintin, because the future is untoldtill the static unfolds that the good die youngPlease God let a Bad Boy die oldDo you think I wanna lie coldOr better yet have many shots come close to the headShirt soaked til it's redThe most that was said was that my homies had a toast to the deadDo I need a pack a vest for stress so I can restCause even though I'm blessed in my fleshIt all came down to a testA motherfucker wanna go and put a tattoo on my chestNow I'm caught up in the mix and I can't do shit, but stillI can't ride with program, fearing no manHit the car door let the door slam it's a blessing that he had slow handsBut he's still right behind meAll these heartless fools is steady comin after my PSo many phony niggaz lovin to hate SeanSo many cheddar niggaz comin after my cheeseIs it my car that they're losin, are we all for the choosin?Or is it all in confusion? Better yet all an illusionShots rang through the hall bullets cruisin for bruisinDon't let this heartless bastard take my life awayI don't wanna conceive takin his eitherDipped into the back and took a breatherHeard steps steady in closin with the bullet skeezerGotta do somethin, I ain't scared to gobut yet my heart is steady pumpin for somethinI refuse to be the one that they be dumpinGotta get away before the techs start gunninBodies start jumpin, wreckin my brain not to try and understandbut withstand, is it cause I'm a rich manOr just to try to put a brother down in the dirt like quicksandBut no matter what the reason, I don't wanna stop breathinThere's dreams to fulfill stillCan't complete em with a still killFace to face with enemies still grillForgive me for the pain I've caused and the sins I've committedeven though I'm not hopin to goI wish someone would open the do'This man's holding the trigger and his finger's steady choking it slowIs this the end?ChorusChorus Two: GinuwineJust, can't, let, go (Is this the end?)I, just, don't, knowWish it would've happened thenVerse Two: Puff Daddy, TwistaDid I just hear a tight jam, now it's on let make my maneuverHit the alley saw a man in a landcruiserIn his hand was a Ruger, dipped in a Lex like LugerHeard shots from a steel bruiserTeflon in the seat took a pale stressFelt the hate on my chest as I placed on my vestWhat's wrong with the brakes in the LX?Ran straight into a lightpole, just before I got my life stoleA car came to the rescueI bailed in and said, "Bless youBut what made me the man you would wanna show help to?"I proceeded to ask him, and he said with a passionI could never watch a soul die, plus you the man lookin too fly(But who are you?) The pimp nigga named Twista from the cold ChiWhen the sun's shy gotta keep one eye, nigga I been shot at and stole onNo protection from one time, only caught for my primeSo I asked the Father what I did so wrong?Cause shit it's been hard for me besides chiefand the smell of sweet news when the beef brewMotherfuckers steady ballin but steady fallinright in detours, bout to hit my feet soonSo I just presume, deep into the rhymes of a rapperPrepare my mind for the captureThinkin Ginuwine like the bachelorBut why these niggaz wanna make us into crime with the rapture?Ego for dispersin us, don't even hurt the clutchCause he's coldblooded and mercilessSteady bustin shots at both of us, was the strap close to usThen for survival we both to bustBut Renaults get to roast to crush, cause he steady gettin closerParanoid like a crackfiend when the gat seenscream when the bullet hit me in the shoulderDon't wanna die til I get olderTry to visualize the beholder, he's inconceivableso now my sight is gettin dark a lotBest to step off in this parking lot where them dogs bark a lotAnd try to wait until his ma get hotI can make a person fight to survive whether good or connivinYou never know when it's your time to leaveSmokin weed to keep my mind at ease, let's go back to the carbut wait, I can't find the keysPlus we didn't chill long enough, the footsteps are comin closeIs it one of them unholy men?With a strap ready to boldly sinMama told me it was comin, but I wish she woulda told me whenIs this the end?Chorus 2X(Chorus Two fades out at the end)
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P. Diddy: Is this the end

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P. Diddy: Is this the end
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P. Diddy: Is this the end

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