Peach Pit: Vickie

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Peach Pit

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Peach Pit: Vickie

If you lived right down the street
Would I ever have to buy more weed
When I’m low, that’s a no
You’d walk over probably bitching
That it’s so far though its minutes
And there’s no guys, there’s none around for you

If you lived right down the street
Would I ever get my beauty sleep while you’re crying, that’s a no
If you lived a couple over you’d be by to scream he’s all the things that I like
And none of his are me

Oh Vickie, it don’t need to be all right now
Your setting sun won’t fall right where you think
Don’t think
Yea Vickie, you’ll always keep me round
But I thank god you don’t live next door to me

If you lived right down the street
You’d be hanging round me like a creep
That’s why I like you though
If you lived up from the corner
Would I have to have you over
Anytime I was sort of just like you
Autor tekstu: Peach Pit
Data dodania: 2022-01-24
Tekst dodał: EddieGoat

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Peach Pit: Vickie

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Peach Pit: Vickie

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Peach Pit: Vickie

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