Periphery: Wildfire

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Periphery: Wildfire

You take the long way
Wrong way to form me
And the time is now
I never would have thought this is the new me
So many people
So many faces left to please around me
You’re ready to play dead?
I’m ready to face it
As I’m falling to pieces, the vultures are feasting
We’ve breached the precipice
Long way down
Now I’ll say this: I’m in hell, passed the mark I’ve missed

Mistakes running through my brain
There’s a lesson to be learned and I’ll heal again
Bloodstains cover all the walls
I’m the pessimist patient doll
So here I sit like a marionette
Strings on my limbs, rope on my neck
The hell below exists within my bed
Counting every misstep ‘till it’s time to reset
It feels so low, the love I’ve known
Floating on my own
It’s all the same now
This is a one way road
Somebody do it slowly… kill me slowly

The past is cutting through me and all the imperfections, they show
Heartbeat haunts me
When all the bad times stick and I don’t know what to do with them, I’m burning like wildfire
Take me fucking out of this hole
Heartbeat haunts me
‘Cause all the bad times stayed and I don’t know what I’m doing here

Mistakes coursing through my veins like the heroin needle to the addict’s brain
Hanging from the wall is the pessimist patient doll
So here I sit like a marionette
A slave to thoughts
They’re like a weight on my chest
An appetite for neither food nor sex
With a malicious intent I’ll take two to the head

You put the strings on my limbs
I put the rope on my neck
You put the strings on my limbs
I put the rope around my fucking neck

You put the strings on my limbs
Now I’m the one with the rope on my neck
Autor tekstu: Periphery
Data dodania: 2023-01-13
Tekst dodał: rocky7

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Periphery: Wildfire

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Periphery: Wildfire

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Periphery: Wildfire

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