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Pretty Maids: Forever And Eternal

Too young to know
Too proud to show
Your hurt feelings
But since you ran away
You left my heart of clay
I'm trying to hide away
From the bitter truth

Oh, and the nights are colder
I close my eyes as I think of you
I wanna feel you

If it wasn't for the night
You swept my heart away
Baby, let me be the one
To wipe the tears from your face
Am I ever gonna drown
Into your eyes again
Forever and eternal
Love you right till the end

We can't pretend to let it end
It's got no ending
'Cause we both know too well
We're only hurting ourselves
We've been standing on the wrong side of love
For too long

And as my day seems endless now
I miss you so when you're not here
Oh woman, I need your love


You'd rather live in this eternal place
Where heaven and its light
Will dawn on us, yeah
We've been down for so long
And I feel so lonely, yeah
I need your love, baby

We were born to be the ones
And forever wanna love
Love you till we two be stone


So baby, ooh
I really need you, baby, yeah
I really need your love, ooh
I really want you, baby, ooh
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Pretty Maids: Forever And Eternal

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Pretty Maids: Forever And Eternal
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Pretty Maids: Forever And Eternal

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