Project Pitchfork: The Hint

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Project Pitchfork

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Project Pitchfork: The Hint

You criticize and analyse the others

Why don't you look at yourself?
You make things stop stand still
Go and dig in your own dirt

You're spitting hate and jealousy
With every word you say

It's not enough
To appreciate your own doings
To be vegetarian is only
A tiny tiny facet of the great mosaic

Tolerance is a word
Which meaning seems to be locked
Away from you
So shut up
Do you think you're perfect
In your preconception?
Do you think you're perfect
In your way of thinking?
Do you think you're more advanced
A level higher?
Ever had the lesson?

What is more is more important
Trying to hide your own failures
First try to understand
What we're saying

We're saying
Out of love everything is built
Better start at the bottom
The rest will come perhaps

Go and dig in your own dirt

Stop sleeping asshole!
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Project Pitchfork: The Hint

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Project Pitchfork: The Hint

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Project Pitchfork: The Hint

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