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Proof: Forgive Me Feat. 50 Cent


Barely raised by my dysfunctional fam

Here I stand as a dysfunctional man

Quick-tempered, short-fused, and pissed at God

Demons pullin at my soul 'til it's ripped apart

Secret's out momma that fire I started it

F**k the fireman logic of the closet by the wire shit

What's positive about a father that bust nuts then wussed up

And a momma that don't show her son enough love

Shit, that's why I run from my first son

And force these chickenhead bitches to get abortions

I'm married to game, my mistress is fame

My girl Paq the closest, she know I ain't gon' change

Go insane in a world evil as ours

I done shot at houses, people and cars

The deeper the scars, the worst is the history

God you ain't gotta forgive me, just don't forget me, you hear me?

(Chorus: 50 Cent)

Lord forgive me, for I've sinned

Over and over again just to stay, on top

I recall memories, filled, with sin

Over and over again.. and again


And most importantly I'm tryin to support my seeds

Can't seem to get away from them courtin fees

Embroidery, on my hood across my heart disorderly

Breakin in houses of people who ain't got more than me

Accordingly, I move in error

Gotta face the fact though I can't fool this mirror

Neglected my daughter and tryin to blame on how I was brought up

like I'm a product of this environment, why ain't I shot up?

Got up today like "Why you let me breathe again?"

And with each breath I feel death is creepin in

Thinkin sinners are winners and I'ma finish last

My pen and pad record my life as each minute pass

Passin minutes, I shook sin and shook drugs

I did right by you but still you took Bugz

Then caught me in adultery, fought me

for not knowin through the dark streets you walked me, talked to me



It's the bliss that's a rush so rush my wrists in the cuffs

It's like a fight for yo' attention and love

Speakin of Bugz, give me a hint from above

If he not you know I wanna be sent when I'm done

Kid outta wedlock so my lady's frontin

I love Em, cause he gave me somethin

A positive anything is better than a negative nothin

I was on the edge of death ready to jump in

It's hard when you can't find love anywhere

And just because the reverend listen, don't mean he care

Pops on crack with a sufferin past

I dream in black and white, the world color me bad

Other than sad, painful and stress

Life is good with the webs that, tangle with death

Control the border, control the school

I have sinned amongst men and my soul is yours, yours

(Chorus - 2X)
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Proof: Forgive Me Feat. 50 Cent

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Proof: Forgive Me Feat. 50 Cent
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Proof: Forgive Me Feat. 50 Cent

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