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Pulley: A Bad Reputation

Long, long time ago I saw this dick outside a punk rock show
He sized me up from head to toe
I think he wants to kill me
His girlfriend looked like some big piece of shit and started drooling
I think she wants to do me

And if at first you don't succeed you try and try again
I told her you're not my type
I'm just here to slam
I've seen Agression
Ill Repute just started playing the last song that they're playing
Cherokee people Cherokee nation

What comes around will go around
What they said to me will the good times be all you forget

What comes around will go around
What they said to me will the good times be all you regret

So here we are again we're right back where we started at
This assholes right up in my face
I guess that's how he likes to act
I broke bottle in his teeth
his smile's kind of sweet
He won't be fucking with me

So when I'm seen out at a show they step aside and let me go
It's such a joke
I'm really not that tough
There is no moral to my story
Hit him first and took his glory which was worse?
I guess that's just what worked for me
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Pulley: A Bad Reputation

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Pulley: A Bad Reputation
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Pulley: A Bad Reputation

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