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Queen: Hijack My Heart

Hijack My Heart
Written by Queen
Just walking down the street
One cloudless sunny day
Just minding my own business
Thinking my thoughts - nothing much to say
When suddenly I got hit
Imagine my surprise
Your smile came up and zapped
Me right between the eyes
I'd never seen anything to compare
With your smile
I'd never seen anything
That came within miles
My heart got hijacked by you
Stuck in the traffic
Stuck at the lights
What do I see
Some stupid bimbo
In a fast car next to me
She takes off
Imagine my disgust
Like a bat outta hell
I get to eat her dust
I never known anything to compare
With her laugh
I never known anything
That counted by half
My heart got hijacked by you
Hijack my heart (Hijack my heart)
Hijack my heart hijack hijack hijack
Steal my heart
Hijack my heart (Hijack my heart)
Hijack my heart
Look at the city
Look at the streets
What do you see ?
Look at the faces
Of the people - they all wanted me
Suddenly hit by something
They don't get a chance
It comes out of nowhere
Right out of the blue
Cos I've never seen anything
To compare with your smile
I've never seen anything
That came within miles
My heart got hijacked by you
Hijack my heart
Now you got a hold on me
You hijacked my heart
But you won't let me be
Stole my heart
Threw away the key
Ooh baby what's become of me
You hijacked my heart
Now you got a hold on me
You hijacked my heart
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Queen: Hijack My Heart

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Queen: Hijack My Heart
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Queen: Hijack My Heart

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