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Rakim: As the rhyme goes on

Knowledge will begin until I finish this song 'Cuz the rhyme gets rougher as the rhyme goes on You sweat as you step about to get hype Or should you just listen to the man on the mic You're physically in this with me but how could you tell If it's meant to be hip-hop if you're not mentally as well Ready to absorb the rhyme that I just poured Into the mic and so unite and this won't be so bored If you just keep kickin' listen - to the mix And think you'll sink into the rhyme like quicksand Holds and controls you 'til I leave You fall deeper in the style - it's hard to breathe The only time I stop is when somebody drop and then Bring 'em to the front 'cuz my rhymes' the oxygen Then wave your hands - when you're ready I'll send you Into your favorite dance so let the rhyme continue And so on and I'ma go on simultaneously And even if I stop - the rhyme remains to be Rising to the top - and I came to drop it Catch it and quiz it - is my topic Universual 'cuz I move everybody to come By exercising your mind you'll coincide as one You look around and see how packed the party starts to get I draw a crowd - like an architect The five borroughs react and all the islands attract And every state can't wait - so they attack off a spot on the floor - squeeze in cuz it's packed It'll be more room if MC's play the back I'm the R the A to the K-I-M If I wasn't, then why would I say I am The microphone fiend if I was a fake Whoever said it's just buggin' off the rhymes I make I had you biting your tongue for what I brung and recite Sung it on stage some said it don't sound like The voice on the record - I see what you mean Because the system was wack, so I had to scream So just - give me a mic if it's loud I'll blow it If not - into the crowd I'll throw it Pull out my cordless mic and entertain you well Before I let go I'ma spark your brain cells I took time to write - tonight I will recite So poetically inclined when the mic is held tight Rhymes start flowin' kisses are blowin MC's are knowin' that's why they're goin Home to tell a friend when the party ends "Yo, man you know Rakim? That brother struck again" Cuz mic by mic and stage by stage, Tape by tape and page by page, When the crowd is moving I compete with the mix The rougher the cuts - the rougher the rhyme gets Deeper and Deeper - I hope you understand it I made it up myself and I planned it For other MC's who waste time Writing jokes, riddles, and maybe a rhyme I cross my arms and I was waiting - but I was hating The rappers on the microphone was fronting - just faking They wasn't breakin', which means I was achin' To get up on the microphone and then start takin' Control of the mic - uptight when I grabbed it So hug the speaker- your ear's a magnet Attracted to a freestyle put in effect You listen to my man while you're sippin' Moet So Eric, pick up the needle (yeah) put it in the middle (ahhight) Give me a scratch, turn my Mic up a little, I want you to hear this perfectly clear Catch what I'm sayin'? You get the idea? I hope you knowledge the beginning cuz I'm finished this song The rhyme gets rougher as the rhyme flows on...
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Rakim: As the rhyme goes on

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Rakim: As the rhyme goes on
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Rakim: As the rhyme goes on

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