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RAMP: Trip

I, I rom through everywhere
I, I've quitted stop taking care
Cause I, I've used up all my strenght
From life I'm gone into this dawn
Trying just to keep on hanging on

Tied walking through this night
So afraid of my life
In this trip I try to see

I, I try to breath again
Yeah I, I try to start once again
Cause I, I have to have some faith
To pray for a goal for the day for a sight
To leave everything to feel right

Tied walking through this night
So afraid of my life
In this trip I try to see

So I face my face on the mirror's day
In search of a gleam of a smile
Of my pure lost innocence
Of all that I had left behind
But wishes are far away
Away from what they used to be
Now from life from existence
Nothing else I can see... So I
Free myself
Away to feel
Something new

Tied walking through this night
So afraid of my life
In this trip I try to see

10. friendly word

Friend these words I write and think of you
In all the pain my silence dragged you into
I can't belive now, how could I have been so cold?
To you my friend, to close my eyes to leave you all alone

So down I felt ashamed
afraid to try
To share my love
A word, a smile

Friend this blame, this cross I bear with me
Remembering your face, this truth now I start to see
These are things that we think but they aren't quite the same
And moral can be so immoral, insane
To judge to chose this love we can exchange

So wrong I felt ashamed
afraid to try
To share my love
A word, a smile

Now friend I understand
How love can change a man
How strong can be a word
A friend, a friendly word

Friendly word...
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RAMP: Trip

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RAMP: Trip
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RAMP: Trip

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