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Roy Orbison: Indian Summer

You were a lady - like lady I was a boy running wild
The way that you used everything that god gave you
I gave you my heart like a child, one moment you took me to heaven
Took me back to earth and then before I woke up to the fact I was small you took me back to heaven again

And I remember the Indian summer how you held me, how you loved me (Loved me loved me)

The world may give me a million reasons but reasons don't make it wrong
Every lesson I learned has a price in return I was lost in my youth and to tell you the truth
I was empty and you filled me with a glow of love a loving loves may die
Just to hear you that sees me through, oh what I'd give to re-live all the Indian Summers with you

So many hearts have been broken (Dum Dum Dum Dum-by Do Wah)
You had no trouble with mine like a fool I was there for the taking (but then)
It was only a matter of time you can lie in the sun with the warm wind blowing

Just knowing you've already paid but you can't live alone in an Indian Summer at 110 in the shade

And I remember (and I remember) The Indian Summer
How you held me in the moonlight

We were riding along on a silver dream never dreaming it off our head
and if I'd known I'd lose you the moment I found you I'd love you all over again

Cos I'm still empty (I'm still empty) Come fill me ( Come fill me)
With a fire of love your flame will follow flame Cos it's all I want to do

Oh what I'd give to re-live all the Indian Summers with you
Oh what I'd give to re-live all the Indian Summers with you
Oh what I'd give to re-live all the Indian Summers with you
Oh what I'd give to re-live all the Indian Summers with you-oooooooooooooooooo
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Roy Orbison: Indian Summer

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Roy Orbison: Indian Summer
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Roy Orbison: Indian Summer

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