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Saliva: Open Eyes

Miles and miles of cold and lonely road
And now I'm standin' here alone
And all the truth that I've been told
Begins to perfectly unfold
And was it a wasted time and was it all for nothing
And can I face the pain of bein' alone for the first time in my life

I open up my eyes
I feel like I could fly away
Til I reach the other side
Sometimes we must decide
That everything that was meant to be will be
And I don't even have to try

It was as simple as a song
It was inside me all along
If it's the truth that makes me wrong
Then I would rather be alone
You said I crossed a line, you said I pulled you under
I finally realized I can be strong for the first time in my life
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Saliva: Open Eyes

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Saliva: Open Eyes
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Saliva: Open Eyes

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