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Santana: Twisted

(feat. Anthony Hamilton)

Woke up this morning with this pain inside my heart
Never felt that they would go and now leave you in the dark
You told me that you needed me and I showed you I'd be there
But Now you've got me wrapped up in this crazy love affair

See lately Ive been thinking about he things you do to me
How we been through all this ups & downs and I was to blind to see
But now my visions better and I'm writing you this letter
By the time you get home Ill be gone and my life will be much better

It's hard enough those days these are games that we play

There's one thing I want you to know now before I pack my bags and go
Girl you got it all wrong got it all wrong got it all twisted baby

I gave you everything even gave you my ring
For better or for worse baby gave you my name
Get through every season summer winter spring & fall
& one thing you can say is I was with you through it all
Ill miss your touch, ill miss your ways these games with love that we can't play
I ve gotta walk away I ve goota leave so I can find my way to still believe

Cause I love you to much and there's no love with no trust
Theres one thing I want you to know now before I pack my bags and go
Girl you got it all wrong got it all wrong got it all twisted baby
One thing I want you to know now before I pack my bags and go down
Girl you got it all wrong got it all wrong got it all twisted baby

Lethal ingection, bitter sweet affection all in the worng direction but we had our connection
Try not to be affected oh but I guess I was
Now I know what my momma meant when she told me bout love
Take your time don't rush in get to close & youll get burned
Now Ive got a heart ache - you live you learn
Thought that I was cheated but baby not this time
But baby not this time it s just your insceruties your messing with your mind

Your driving me away & thers nothing left to say
Theres one thing I want you to know now before I pack my bags and go down
Girl you got it all wrong got it all wrong got it all twisted baby [repeat] got to go now

Talk about the walk away baby its about that time packing up everything I own taking everything giotta go now baby [repeat]
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Santana: Twisted

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Santana: Twisted
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Santana: Twisted

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