Screwball: That Shit

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Screwball: That Shit

"Right about now in the place with the bass,
smack, kick, push, pull at your face"

Screwball (Are you ready?)
Screwball (I don't believe youre ready for this one)
Screwball (Are you ready?)
Screwball (We...we gon' get on down now)

You know we keep it gangsta (We love that shit)
Kill a nigga for free, yo nigga (Thug that shit)
Don't let the weed just sit there (Smoke that shit)
Don't let the gat get dusty nigga (Tote that shit)
You know we keep it gangsta (We love that shit)
Kill a nigga for free, because we (Thug that shit)
Don't let the weed just sit there (Smoke that shit)
Don't let the gat get dusty nigga (Tote that shit)

Motherfucker, I came to get mine
I when its ready, have that money on time
Or out comes my nine, put it to your mind
and blow that shit, on some real Poet shit
My clique be G.I. Joe and shit
Big guns and army pants
That where I spit my advance
so y'all niggas ain't got a chance
Fuck who's the nicest,
I got semi-automatic devices, to handle all crisis's
and while I'm at it nigga show me where that ice is
And don't forget you life is priceless
'Cuz I don't give a fuck about you
Smack the shit out'choo
And look at'cha crew like what'cha gonna do
I'm not your average rapper, I damage rappers
Black, white or spanish rappers
I don't descriminate, I just eliminate
Runnin with real motherfuckers that you know is tryin split a cake


Jump out the Cadillac toting the mack, wavin a school flag
Throwin up the S with suit and doo-rag
Keep it ghetto, these Screwball niggas keep it wild and mello
Don't make us sneak up on you with that cold piece of metal
And push your wig down to the gas pedal, thats settled
We QB rebels we attack on all levels
We'll decrease ya red blood cells if all else fails
Chop up your body send ya frame through the mail

Now where that tank when you still tote gats that ancient
Went from juvenile to a dope delinquent
We thugged up, stay up in a low hold drugged up
School ballers actin out of order get slugged up
I love twisting phillies, love gettin drunk silly
Love gettin pussy, love gettin richer than Willie
I detest y'all, fuck the police they just arrest y'all
Fuck the mayor, fuck his wife, and his desk job


Fist balled up, teeth jagged edged bald heads, spark you
Don't be surprised if I pop duke
Discombobulate, now this is hard to take?
Set it then, if you do you'll regret it to the end
Your destiny's in my hands motherfucker
Didn't studder, utter, or mutter
You're heart thudded Kool-Aid
?This blue raid? adversary shook
I'm ready like a book waitin to be read
My dogs waitin to be fed
My stem is waitin to see dead
Stomach full of tape worms hungry as fuck
Screwball push 'em up, push 'em up
Southeast big skinned it, power moves unlimited
Universal, rhymes been past curfew
Our men will hurt you, lay you in dirt too
Flame thrower, extraordinary fame holders
Same chick on the same shoulder
Same clip til his brains blow up
Screwball, the name's heard of

Chorus 2x
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Screwball: That Shit

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Screwball: That Shit

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Screwball: That Shit

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