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Skylark: The Heaven Church (new Version)

(The Divine Spirit:)
The last night falls on my mind, I see Devil
steps are behind, I'm feeling sure, in the arms of
the church. I want to escape from your gaze, I
want to light our blaze, to warm my
heart and to burn my old fears...strong

But now the Star is rising,
we trust in more and more
My Lord will light our fire, until we carry on
There is a magic spirit that open up the gale:
this is the reason why I'll find my way

The cross will sign the end of our darkness,
black spirits come inside the Heaven Church.
My sword can snatch the heart of the Black
Angel, a hope can start we
praise the Heaven Church

I want to guide you again, I'm really screaming
your name, you only have
to look after my Star
I've just discovered the way,
there's nothing to cry or to save Lucifer
you are going to know your defeat...Yeah

And now the Star is rising, we follow
her shining light. My Lord will
bring his fire to rescue my Mankind
The trace of magic spirit will push us to the
North. 'cause now the time
is right to throw my sword

(The Divine Spirit:)
Take me to the fire, show me your desire
Devil is a liar, now we caught his life
Riding on your feelings,
in this storm so thrilling
I can stop your nightmare, I am in the Church

(White Warrior:)
I'm fighting Belzebu
He won't derange no more
It's only here for you
The Victory has come

(The Divine Spirit:)
Now I want to go under this town, I want to
share this magic sound,
I really want to walk this way
This is the path of our mistakes...
this is the legion of our souls

(The Divine Spirit:)
Never ending fire...
Leave Lucifer dying...
In my wildest dreams I can understand a way
Never ending glory...
This is the brave story...
Let us start the party:
we are going glorify our God

(White Warrior:)
Bring me to the Heaven.
I will pray forever.

Take me to the Legend
We have fought together

(White Warrior:)
My spirit is coming to join the black sword to
the sea. The battle is over, the triumph we got
Only our love can protect our planet
The witch from our fears is ready
to leave our souls

(Princess of the Snow:)
Come back to the Earth, White Warrior, the
danger has disappeared: only your heart can
keep the world in peace, really
But remember...until love erase hate, nothing
can upset your dreams
Otherwise a new Devil will be born before you
can think about it. Be careful!

(White Warrior:)
The last night falls on my mind,
the Devil's arms are behind:
I really want to protect our world
Under the sweet Princess gaze, only a hope can
remain...all my desire
will get our way, now

So now the star is rising,
I will follow his breeze, my Lord will light
our fire to cure our black disease.
There is a simple prayer that we will cry along
So now my voice is writing one more song

The cross will sign the way to Paradise, my
spirit goes to cure the Jesus soul
There is no way to throw away our pleasure
We breathe, we love into the Heaven Church.
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Skylark: The Heaven Church (new Version)

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Skylark: The Heaven Church (new Version)


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Skylark: The Heaven Church (new Version)

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