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Slayer: SS-3

Ancient crown placed on your head
The hangman of Prague
Seven keys to the chamber
Surrendered to the God

Killing whore
Wade through blood and spill some more

Killing whore
Wade through blood and bleed some more

Golden door submits secrets
As this nation falls
Atmosphere of deadly terror
Subservient to all

Killing whore
Wade through blood and spill some more

Killing whore
Wade through blood and bleed some more

Burning sense of mission
Symbol of oppression

Crusade from exile
Sabotaged campaign

Check resistance from afar
Planning the death of one
When the plot is executed
There will be nowhere to run
Ramafications will be high
A price paid in torment
The end justifies the means
To hell you will be sent

[Lead: Hannemann]

The wolf leader now is the stalked
Expansion state of horror
Guns echo over the grave
A thousand fates are sealed
Murderous power brought to an end
Only to rise again
Cold and ruthless and iron will
Protectorate of the dead

[Lead: King]

A thorough sweep
Prelude to death
Secrets kept
But no one left
Firing squad
Begins their work
Harsh reprisal
For what you took
Retribution selective terror
The stench of death is everywhere
A severed head
A floating mass
Will give me the answers to what I ask
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Slayer: SS-3

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Slayer: SS-3
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Slayer: SS-3

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