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Slick Rick: La Di Da Di Live

(feat. Doug E. Fresh)

Hit it!
Aww yea!
La di da di... la di da di,
La di, la di!

You know what, you peep this,
La di da di, we like to party.
We don't cause trouble, we dont bother nobody.
We're... just some men that's on the mic,
And when we rock upon the mic,
We rock the mic (Right!).
For all a y'all, keepin' y'all in health.
Just to see ya smile and enjoy ya'self.
Cause it's cool when you cause a cozy conditionin',
That we create, so that's our mission, so listen,
To what we say because this type of shit happens everyday.
I... woke up around ten o'clock in the mornin',
Gave myself a (strech up), a mornin' yawn and...
Went to the bathroom to wash up,
Had some soap on my face and my hand upon the cup,
I said a (Mirror mirror!) on the wall...
Who is the top choice of them all?
There was a rumble dumble,
Five minutes it lasted.... the mirror said,
(You are you concieted bastard!).
Yo that's true, that's why we never have no beef,
So then I washed off the soap and brushed the gold teeth.
Used "Oil of Olay" cause my skin gets pale.
Then I got the files, for my fingernails.
True to the style on my behalf
I put the bubbles in the tub so I could have a bubble bath.
Clean, dry, was my body and hair,
I threw on my brand new Gucci underwear.
For all the girls I might take home,
I got the Johnson's Baby Powder and the (Polo Colonge).
Fresh dressed like a millions bucks, threw on the Valley shoes
And the fly green socks.
Stepped out the house, stopped short, oh no!
I went back in I forgot the...
Then I dilly (dally) ran through a (alley),
Bumped into my old girl (Sally) from the (Valley).
This was a girl playing hard to get
So I said "What's wrong?" cause she looked upset
She said uh, (It's all because of you)
Say what? (I'm feeling sad and blue)
She said what? (You went away)
And now, my life is filled with rainy days.
And I love you so, how much you'll never know.
Cause you took your love away from me.
Now what was I to do
She was crying over me and she was feeling blue
I said, "Don't cry, (dry, your eye)
Here comes your mother with those two little guys"
Her mean mother steps and says to me ("Hi!")
Hit Sally in the face and decked her in the (eye!)
Punched her in the belly, and stepped on her (feet)
Slammed the child on the hard concrete
The bitch was strong, the kids was gone.
Something was wrong I said what was going on?
I tried to break it up I said, stop it, leave her
She said, "If I can't have you (she can't either")
She grabbed me closely by my socks
So I broke the hell out like I had the chicken pox
But uh, she gave chase, she caught up quick
She put a finger in the face of MC Rick, and said
So we can go cruising in my OJ, and what?
I'll give you all my love today.
What? Ricky Ricky Ricky what?
Somehow your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your jazzy ways
Yo MC Rick my love is here to stay"
And on and on and on she kept on
The bitch been around before my mother's born
I said, "Cheer up!" I gave her a kiss
I said, "You can't have me I'm too young for you miss"
She said, "No you're not," then she starts crying
I says, "I'm thirty-four", she says, ("Stop lying!")
I said, "I am -- go ask my mother
And with your wrinkled pussy, I can't be your lover!"
To the tick tock and you don't stopf
To the tick tick ya don't... hit it!

Doug E. Fresh y'all, give him a round of applause y'all,
Doug E. Fresh!
Yea, what up?
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Slick Rick: La Di Da Di Live

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Slick Rick: La Di Da Di Live
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Slick Rick: La Di Da Di Live

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