Smilez And Southstar: Tell Me

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Smilez And Southstar

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Smilez And Southstar: Tell Me

tell me what you think is going on,
Debates all day,
tell me what you think is going on,
two late,
heart break,
tell me what you think is going on,
whats going on
whats going on

and yo me and ms. thang
we were the perfect team
we had all the things all them other couples dreamed
love, trust, good sex, and security
if you ever felt weak, smilez was your energy
trips across seas
showed you the finer things
no more burger king, it was fine dine cuisine
and if we never had it
i dont think it mattered
we were a class A like Nas and Illmatic
i was so decieved, i thought we had a thing
you used to blow my two way up with 1-4-3s
the l-o-v had me blind i wouldnt have seen
i trusted my friends, all they were yelling at me
how could you do me so wrong
i dont want get gone
i invested three years ma plus this song
im so confused
where to go how do i choose
i guess to find real love
i got to pay my dues

(Repeat Chrous)

it seemed so good
yo we used to chill in the hood
you made me feel that tingle in
my heart like nobody could
and all along we stood
when times is hard
even before all this rap shit made me a star
when i was working two jobs just to survive
when i felt like killing my self
you kept me alive
what a pair
me and you we was a match
different tastes but you know opposites attract
by my side, held my head and kept me strong
still trying to figure out where the hell we went wrong
i did what i can young cat being a man
stayed whethered the storm when most would have ran
too much pride, and you know men don't cry
had to let you go even though it hurt inside
all by myself, now i had to turn to these rhymes
it's the only way i know to release my mind

(Repeat Chrous)

its been a while
yea you know time goes fast
let me tell you though, some things still dont pass
sit back in the pad think, about the times we had
try not to let it make me sad or make me mad
im trying to move on with my life
the wound is healed
yea im just speaking it real, im ready to feel
ready to provide for my seed
a man now, bet you cant believe its me

you ruined a good thing
and all of our dreams
trying to lock me down a life time in the bing
monitoring my calls
piping at mah dogs
shit, i never really understood the cause
my friends were your friends
your friends were my friends
your dough is my dough
my dough is my dough
mono e mono
we'll foot this weather
and everybody that been through it, then sing it together
come on

(Repeat Chorus x3)
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Smilez And Southstar: Tell Me

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Smilez And Southstar: Tell Me

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Smilez And Southstar: Tell Me

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