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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Change Gone Come

When Doggy Dogg comes
You better answer
(repeat 4x)

Ahh, used to be a hard kid
Rhyme a rhyme and tap this
Sippin silver satin while we smoked on the pin head
A couch was a nigga bed
Mary kept a nigga fed
Twenty first a nigga, yeah that's where a nigga live
I'm on the GA and fucked the D.A.
Why? Cause the railroad the homie easy
And just cause the didn't know what (Whasup)
I'm on a motherfuckin mission to come up, come up


1 - I feel like givin it up
Weall like livin it up
(repeat 2x)

2 - When Doggy Dogg comes
You better answer

1 overlaping 2

We are living in a world
Where anything can go at anytime
And if you ain't up on the game
Then I suggest you rearrange
Cause change gone come
And it ain't waitin on no one
They got me plottin from the bottom
With the ??? ain't no stopin'
And all I want for Christmas is forty city hoppin'
Is the to much to ask fo', oh no
And I heard through the eastside you spend to get some dough
So when you get your funk, go take to the store
Take it to daddy rap cause hes a pro-fessional
Guaranteed to get your shit up off the flo'
Beach city rider you know, fo sho'
You see that what flossin' is all about
The tightest rider gone turn it out
Bouncin, swirving and looking cute
Dogg Pound out the moon, Johnny longing for soup

Chorus 2x

Everybody in my family is nervous and waitin'
How can I be patience?
Look at what I'm facin'
They ain't the ones that gonna be riding to the station
So it what it all boils down to just some inspiration
Interpretation, the conversation you had with the judge
Of all judges budge this
And put it in perspective all praises due, true
We are living in a world
Where anything can go at anytime
And if you ain't up on the game
Then I suggest you rearrange
Cause change gone come
And it ain't waitin on no one
For all the drama I done went through
To get this to ya
How do I think I was gone do ya
Have you been mislead, since I asked you all to creep with me
You coundn't be cause ever since its been DP
LB-B.S chronic in my chest
Deathrow doggystyle holding down the west
With a shot of what gangstas drink
And a took off for a choke off, the most kept my G's off a toast
And keep LBC singing yall, DP ginging yall
We and yall face it all
Times living it up
Snoop Dogg again and you know I'm just giving it up

Chorus 2x

When Doggy Dogg comes
You better answer (you better answer)
(repeat 15x)

Fade into backround
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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Change Gone Come

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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Change Gone Come
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Snoop Doggy Dogg: Change Gone Come

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